And I … Tommy honed his trade at Christian Dior and Kate spent many years at Givenchy. But after a while you realize that the Vignattis are a stand-in for the Petersons themselves—Kate is even in the late stages of pregnancy—making this movie one long bait-and-switch. "By the time these cases reach trial, they are so very deeply established in the American mythology — seen in sketches by comics — that it really takes very sophisticated jurors to erase what they have heard and do what the judge asks them to do and focus on what's in front of them," Thompson said. Anne thought she might be called to testify. For instance, when Kate predicts that the press will "take a perfect couple and... turn them into a horror show," one wonders if someone actually made that comment — or if it's simply Erickson's idea of irony. The Modesto Bee quoted Scott Peterson's father, Lee Peterson, as calling The Perfect Husband an attempt to make "pile of money off a news story.". Dean Cain gives a chilly and chilling performance as Scott Peterson; it's the kind of acting job that looks like neither "acting" nor merely a job. Lauer: Emotionally how was he doing? And you're a woman. Slow bad acting...even worse editing. Lawyers at an elite Memphis law firm specialize in controversial landmark civil rights cases. You know, I just didn't quite grasp what was happening. Dean Cain (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures ofSuperman) thus gives a muted and cautious performance, conveying Peterson’s supposed guilt not through what he does, but through what he doesn’t do. All the doors were open. "Being a juror requires much more sophistication than it did 30 years ago. The case continues to put a strain on Anne's own family. Bird: I think he drowned her. Lauer: And not a lot of time paying attention to Laci or the rest of the family. A shocking resemblance to the accused killer ... D: I think it's disturbing because well, no one, no one's sure if he's guilty or innocent and and it just looks so eerily similar. He said he'd launched his boat from the Berkeley Marina. The writers can’t come out and call Peterson guilty, and they don’t begin to guess at his motives. It even continued after the crime became local and national news because at first, Amber didn't figure out that her boyfriend and the husband of the missing Laci were the same man. I just kind of logged, you know, what was going on in my mind. Les rôles de Dean se complexifient et on voit qu'il est capable de jouer une grande gamme de personnages. Lauer: You're 32 years old. And you're the only person he's focusing on. I looked at them thinking, "Gosh. Laci's parents have complained that the movie distorts reality, only focuses on Peterson and could influence potential jurors. Jurors may not be entirely aware of how their exposure to various news media can deeply shape how they analyze evidence and render a verdict. Lauer: And here, there is this personality change. -- His repeated lies and his inability, even now in jail to summon any emotion about the murder of his wife, Laci, and his unborn son, Conner. Lauer: Jackie very much wanted you to testify on Scott's behalf during the penalty phase? It is just something that is so incomprehensible. Lauer: What do you remember about that day? In November of that year Anne and Tim Bird planned a trip to Disneyland. On April 13, the body of a full-term baby washed ashore in San Francisco Bay. And Anne Bird knows that by judging Scott guilty, she may be cutting herself off from her new family forever. Jeff Wachtel, USA's executive vice president for original scripted programming, outlined the movie's focus when the network announced its production plans in October. Who knows how many prospective jurors will watch the premiere of The Perfect Husband and its encore presentations over the Valentine's Day weekend? Bird: Laci was just bubbling over about the baby and couldn't wait. But it’s Tommy who can’t accept the idea that his golfing buddy might be a killer. So I thought anything, if anything could come together on this. But something about that meeting bothered Anne. © 2013 MSNBC Interactive. According to the USA Network, the movie focuses only on the time period between Laci's disapperance and Peterson's arrest in April 2003. Maybe he was overwhelmed. Her father was murdered when she was just two years old — murdered just before Christmas.

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