Take notice of what’s in front of you, ‘cause did I mention you about to miss a good thing. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. But eventually, you will grow to want the best for them, even if it's regrettably not you. Have you ever wanted someone so bad that you’ve basically built your life around them? With the many hit songs the Backstreet Boys have, one might be surprised if they have no song that spoke about unreciprocated love. I would come back a thousand times.

This classic by Alicia Keys speaks to a lot of people in this situation. They are sure to brighten your day. This one’s for all you hopeless romantics out there who believe in soulmates.

From cheesy boy band tunes to romantic wedding songs, we go to this little modern gem on our list.

When the two of you are closer, speak with him about your thoughts and feelings. While longing and lust can be exciting emotions worthy of celebration, this is not the case with these songs. Therefore he desperately tries to find out what it takes to let the one you loved dearly out of your heart and mind. Sometimes it’s all about physical attraction.

Lovestruck lyrics: I believe in a thing called love. Lovestruck lyrics: I feel we’re close enough. And the king of them all is undoubtedly the Backstreet Boys.
Whether you listen to the original by Bonnie Raitt or this cover by Bon Iver, you can instantly hear the pain of the singer. The saddest songs about wanting someone perfectly capture a wide range of emotions and examine the varied reasons love can hurt. Yeah, we know what that’s like. Upbeat as this song may be, you’ll notice that it’s about going crazy not being able to be with the one you want. She sings about the sparks and rushes you get from seeing your crush with the hope that he or she notices you and probably says hi. Baby, Now That I’ve Found You is a sweet little melody about a girl whose lover is about to leave her because he doesn’t need her anymore. If that's the case, there's nothing you can really do about it, and that can be the most frustrating part. They may include; The person doesn’t like you as a person, the person likes you as a friend but not attracted to you, there are probably societal or family boundaries, the person is already hooked to someone else etc.

Taylor Swift is probably the queen of songs about wanting someone you can’t have. When you're with someone you love, sometimes it just doesn't work, and you have to say goodbye. Sometimes no matter how much you want to love someone, they don't want to let you in.

In this song, you can feel just how much someone means to the singer, but it’s not a love that can last because he’s already with someone else.

Lovestruck lyrics: We got the afternoon.

Ah, the song that makes you wonder what the writer must have gone through to write such a soul-crushing ballad. 10 Heartbreaking Songs About Loving Someone You Can’t Have, 10 Unapologetic Songs About Cheating that Captures Everything Perfectly, 8 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Ignoring You (and What to Do).
We know how hurtful it could be to love someone you can’t have because of various reasons, however, songs can be a good companion to help you through this phase, thus check out the above selection of 15 songs about loving someone you can’t have.

And although the point of this is to just give you some music to relate to, you may even try singing some of these to your crush?

*NSYNC > Backstreet Boys, any day.

But despite its happy tempo, the lyrics are about hoping to finally get over a lost love. When you can’t muster the courage to talk to your crush, just sing it out. Give me a memory I can use. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

It’s a catchy song that’s perfect for those days when you want to swoon over your crush. This is the worst! Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. Maybe circumstances can’t seem to allow you two to be together no matter how attracted you might be to each other.

Basically he’s saying that when you want someone, you change completely – you say goodbye to your partying ways, you’re hung up on every word your crush says, and you can’t seem to shake the thought of them no matter what you do.

15 Swoon-Worthy Songs About Wanting Someone, 10 Useful Ideas for Writing Your Own Song. It is gut wrenching because you are certain you will never ever have a love like the two of you have. Have a great day, Kendra! The most heartbreaking part: ‘Cause I can’t make you love me if you don’t. You may know this as that catchy song from the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

This soul-crushing ballad resonates clearly the pain the singer is obviously going through when he says that though he really wished he could but he knows he can’t make his crush love him the way he does her. But no matter how much it hurts to hold back how she feels and just watch him for a distance, she knows that she’ll go through all this a thousand times more. If you want to develop a relationship with him, then nourish this relationship my by spending additional time with him in person. And while there are times when we don’t get to be with the one we want (we’ve made a playlist for that), it’s always nice to have that one “I want you” song to dedicate someone you’re head-over-heels in love with!

But even if it’s not quite love, you want to latch onto this person because he or she is everything you’ve ever wanted. Upvote the biggest bummer songs about longing for someone and are ideal for a depressing playlist. There are no deep and eloquent lyrics in this track.

Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do. It may not be a song about a love to last a lifetime, but it’s one that you can’t look back on without thinking of that one memorable summer fling. This feel-good song is a tribute to the glam rock gods of the 80s. I see my future in an instant, and there it goes, I know that it might sound more than a little crazy but I believe. But if you've tried, and you can't fix whatever may be wrong in your relationship, it may be in your favor to move on. Sometimes they are lucky to find that the one they like feels the same way about them. 1. Whether you listen on your commute to work, at the gym, or in the shower, it's probably somewhat present in your day-to-day life. Loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way is not restricted to just adolescents or teenagers, in fact much older people experience this as well. Nevertheless, they wouldn’t mind having the love any way they can just as long as their love doesn’t leave.

It doesn’t matter how this ends, ‘cause what if I never love again? All you want to do is be near your crush, right? Here are 10 perfect songs for when you know something really great is on the horizon. on the other hand, others get the bad luck of liking someone who doesn’t feel the same way.

We always appreciate when members of our community share their supportive comments. The memories rarely completely fade away, and they're nice to look back on from time to time to remember the good times you may have had together.

Even though it hurts them to let the side girl go but they have to do it and they seem quite heartbroken by it.

Lovestruck lyrics: When you feel it in your body, You found somebody who makes you change your ways, And everything in your past – you wanna let it go, The Darkness – I Believe in a Thing Called Love.

Here the group talks about leaving a side chick to stay loyal to the day one girl in their lives. It’s hard when you love a girl and it doesn’t look as if she loves you back. Even though she knows that he doesn’t really fancy her, she still tries to make him understand that they can work something out because she adores him. Enter the pop love song of all love songs. Let’s kick the beat up a notch. With Aerosmith’s signature timbre, he sings about wanting to know what it takes to get someone out of his mind.

Lovestruck lyrics:  I know all the games you play, And I’m gonna find a way to let you know that, If you’d only let me be the one to hold you. Because you love someone, you're always going to think they can do better.

It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever have to lie, to show no emotion when you start to cry.

It kind of reminds me of that creepy person who won’t leave you alone, but actually, when we love someone that much, and that someone doesn’t really return our feelings, we can all turn into creeps trying to do anything to make that person notice us.

Lovestruck lyrics: Baby, now that I’ve found you I won’t let you go. You Don’t Know My Name is about crushing on a guy who doesn’t even know you exist. The singer keeps thinking about her and how she’s doing as he sits around hoping to one day let her go, even if, as the lyrics go, “It don’t get much dumber than trying to forget a girl when you love her.” Ouch!

These are without a doubt some of the most depressing songs about desiring someone ever recorded, and they’re rich with lyrics that will stay with you long after the songs are over. Because of the movie’s affinity for oldschool songs, this tune became the perfect tune for the theme.

You recall the moment you first laid eyes on them, and that could be enough to convince yourself that you’ve found The One.

In this case, the song talks about wanting the one you can’t have. She’s basically being treated as a friend by the one …

This song by Ellie is one the that is quite self-explanatory.

Have a great day, Stacy!

Of course, this was at the top of our list. The most heartbreaking part: If this is my last night with you, hold me like I’m more than just a friend.

In this song, she sings to someone who doesn’t return her feelings but is still willing to be around her.

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