Once you enter the main theater, you’re secured in a seat not unlikethose on inverted roller coasters. As usual, there are few things that tourists enjoy more than a good line, which means most people are going to get in whatever the longest line is to start their day. Some additional walls have gone up around the entrance. Just a little after 2:00 pm Eastern Time, the line for Soarin’ was cleared and Guests have been escorted out of the Land Pavilion. The new bathrooms and Temporary Starbucks take up most of the space at the end of the line. I checked in on Turtle Talk, and based on the small number of people waiting, deduced that I had just missed the previous show here like at Awesome Planet. That may very well be The Seas with Nemo and Friends, as we have a half dozen people, and at least one dog, already returning with FP+ before 10am. We’ll check in on each over the span of these updates as well. For official Disney information, visit http://www.disneyworld.com. Come March 8th and continuing through much of the fall, your only shot at seeing the Living with the Land’s greenhouses after dark is on days with evening Extra Magic Hours, which are typically Tuesdays. We’re headed up this path. Also, during July we have one of the few periods during the year when there is no festival at Epcot. You’ll be much better off if you’re relying on FastPass+ for Frozen. The only attractions closed at EPCOT right now are Turtle Talk with Crush and Project Tomorrow (if you want to consider it an attraction. easyWDW.com is not affiliated with, authorized or endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with, The Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of their affiliates. If for some reason you can’t ride early, or find a suitable FastPass+, then waits are typically under ten minutes again after 4pm. It’s more akin to something like Big Thunder Mountain. Character Spot with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy used to be a FastPass+ option on the left. In the next part, we’ll head over to Spaceship Earth to use FastPass+ there, and check out the new films in the Land Pavilion, Canada, and France, among other things. After taking an extended number of wall pictures, I arrived at 11:44am, to a 25-minute wait for the Green Earth Mission, and a 30-minute wait for the Orange Mars Mission. In fact, it probably won’t even be a 5-minute wait. In the screenshot above, even Spaceship Earth has “literally” no FastPass+ availability for one person less than 90 minutes into the day’s operation, at 10:21am. Your email address will not be published. Let’s make your Disney dreams come true! The large size of the crowd seems to indicate that waits elsewhere are probably getting a little too long for most people. Soarin’ is posting a 40-minute wait at the same time, which doesn’t seem too bad, though it would be up to 80 minutes by 10:30am. We’re headed down the stairs to the left with the Soarin’ marquee directly below. In the last two posts, we took a look at most of the construction and other projects that are happening around Epcot with a look at Future World West and Future World East. If you were to get to Epcot at 7:30am, get through here at 7:50am, and have paid the bill for breakfast by 8:50am, then you could scooch down to Soarin’ before anyone from the main entrance could hope to arrive. If I wasn’t a single rider, you’d want to add another five minutes to account for having to wait for the next pre-show. But we are dealing with the FastPass+ allocation issue with Test Track down. I made it to the next holding area at 8:35am. Some people do still prefer to do the pre-opening breakfast and hurry through the meal, but there isn’t going to be a substantial touring advantage for those guests. Unfortunately, so far in 2019, there has been little new to see at Epcot. That gives you about an hour to meet and take pictures with five princesses, eat, pay, and leave. Thus hung out to dry, you embark on a simulatedhang-glider tour, with IMAX-qualityi… And I’m off the ride at about 9:15am, or just 15 minutes after the Park officially opens. The wait for Wreck-It Ralph and Venellope looked to be about 25 minutes. merchandise / News / Resorts / Walt Disney World, Christmas Has Come Early With These Stunning Minnie Ears, Get a First Look at ‘Black Beauty’ Coming Next Month To Disney+, This Disney Kitchenware Has Us Counting Down The Days Until Christmas, Disney Adds Some Color To “it’s a small world’ Construction Site. That’s thanks in large part to the number of people using FastPass+ there because it’s one of the few attractions that has availability. In August, we learned that next year, guests will have the chance to take on a new Soarin' experience: Soarin' Around The World, which will open at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disney California Adventure. He just shared with our writing team that there appears to be an emergency situation at the park today. Although there were no injuries, Soarin' at Disney's California Adventure has also been closed pending the investigation. Even by being slow and taking a picture every five steps, I’m still among the first hundred or so people to arrive. Does it make a whole lot of sense to use FastPass at The Seas with Nemo and Friends at 10:15am circa 2008? But that turned out to not be the case, and it was only about five minutes from showtime. If I were to continue refreshing, I’d be able to find earlier return times. We pick things up from Part One, where we got reacquainted with what to expect from the rope drop opening experience from the main entrance, given the current state of construction and the introduction of the Disney Skyliner.

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