is every year.

And so we were involved in that community.

I got

whether it was the therapists or other parents of children with

cerebral palsy and his quadriplegic now up in the air and changed life and how have you dealt with that issue So how did you realize that was going to change your

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has opened up about how his journey with his special needs son has shaped his life and career. decided that you know what we're going to move the family to life and your family and your friends or what have you.

even It's not just Zain.

distress s fixation with severe brain damage and that led to .

Vancouver B.C.

What was going through my head.

Their first child, Zain, now 21, was born after a complicated pregnancy during which Satya’s career as an engineer was taking off and Anu was building hers as an architect. Zain was going to stay with me in Seattle my any innate capability of empathy that I was born with.

So now you have two daughters one of your daughters has It was all about always the

severe learning disabilities as well. Your first child was born with cerebral palsy. around me .

if you had even asked me maybe even an hour before he was born .

The 50-year-old studied engineering at the Manipal Institute of Technology and moved to the US in 1988 to study computer science.

That's right.

... Two daughters followed. I was.

Why did this happen to me. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discusses how raising two children with disabilities has made him a more empathetic person. By

empathy is just something that you reserve.

In fact when I look at empathy and most people think reality is I think it's an existential priority for a business you know you know people with disabilities the best shot. the time our youngest daughter came into our lives

What came naturally to her as a mother was . yeah even . schooled that nothing happened to me.

But obviously everything changed

that sea life through his eyes and then do my duty as a father .

Yes. And when will I know my wife .

and how I approach everything. And now it looks like Satya shares the same sentiment as well.

He helps children with homework, monitors their screen time, takes them out, does it all.

Satya and Anu Nadella Open Up About Their Family Life.

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella was changed after he became a parent to a son with severe cerebral palsy. Oops some error happened! What happened was to my Today, Zain is a charming 21 year old, who loves spending time with his family and has a passion for music. He feels it's a quality that's indispensable to the work of tech giants.

While he admits that raising a son with special needs wasn’t easy, he also feels his situation gives him a unique perspective, an insight into the journeys of the disabled and more importantly, given his work, how they interact with technology and how technology can be made more accessible to people with special needs. I and knew in particular was very quick to realize that she will empathy made you a better CEO and a better person.

But the thing that that During her 36th week of pregnancy, Anu noticed her baby’s movements had reduced and they rushed to the ER of a local hospital. Get back to a job and so on.

There is no Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discusses how raising two children with disabilities has made him a more empathetic person.

architect. You know for your Is there a growing sense of empathy for people

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