ME1306 open box (same as 10kw boat kit motor but different encoder) $850, A123 Pouch Modules $520 each (4 shown in pic) ~98 lbs each, 83v nominal, 59ah. . We have A LOT of low power chargers in the 12-48v range. Delphi DC-DC Converter $600. A123 Cells $5 each.

Chargers Pedestal EVSE good for 100 amps, $250 They are potted and in aluminum boxes. Lightly used or New GE Controllers for 2007 Zenn Car Part# ic3645sr7a353e1  72v Sepex 300amp. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Website by About 300 in stock, most are unused but are several years old. California (1) New York (1) Browse Map Advanced Search.

No Warranty. Find a huge selection of Tesla Cars for Sale . Used Wheego AC Propulsion Systems, 150kW. $50-75 So cheap you can use two for a 48v pack! We have other new closeout Motors, used motors and bad motors available for parts. Use of this Website constitutes acceptance of's, enter the vehicle VIN or lot or make and model, We use cookies to personalise content for you and to analyse our traffic. Please inspect the auction vehicles before registering. Most have a few scratches, some look new. Feel free to ask!

45mph. Find a huge selection of Tesla Cars for Sale . $6k. What are your needs? You must be logged in or registered in order to be able to bid. All vehicles are purchased from Inloher Corp not Copart. Unless stated othewise, no warranty on used items, sold as-is. FREE Registration - Open to Public - 100,000+ Vehicles - Auctions Day & Night About 300 in stock, most are unused but are several years old. Two available, consignment sale. Indicate the destination to calculate the estimated shipping price. Junk Title - Located In Miami, Fl. Tiny Tiny "Urbee" vehicle available in pink or yellow! USED Azure Dynamics Motor- Solectria, Controller and Differential. Subscribe to our Newsletter For Money Saving Updates: © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Similar to picture, Ford part # AM64-19D623-AB $500 new or $400 used. Great town bike, approx. $10, or make an offer on 100!

Bolt Ev; Salvage Chevrolet Bolt Evs for Sale. New and Used Contactors, Solenoids, Relays.. Radiator with fan and PWM controller, $200 Several available. Read More... *We send great deals and latest auto news to our subscribed users very week. analyzes prices of 10 million used cars daily. 2012, $30K, several available. $250 24-80v actual usable input voltage. As they brand’s fleet continues to grow in popularity, more and more chances to find these vehicles at auction are likely though.

~50 available, no warranty.

Roadrunner: Frames Only- No electrical components. 278A max. No batteries or charger, a bit beat up since this photo was taken, but still has UQM drive system. Tesla burst onto the scene with great fanfare and the intent to sell luxury electric cars. Used Coda EV Batteries $400 each, 6S config, charges to about 20v and ~100 amp hours. Nice wheels, brakes, springs. Good for horn, or for your secret starting circuit? 36V EMB Lectra. Live your dream to explore the world in a self-owned recreational vehicle by registering on and participating in our auctions featuring damaged RVs for sale. Find great deals on thousands of Kia Soul Ev for auction in US & Internationally. Spark Ev; Salvage Chevrolet Spark Evs for Sale. Items may not be exactly as pictured. Air Conditioning Compressor. Carry this instead of a spare tire and save some weight. 4 in stock. These cars are equipped with electric motors and re-chargeable batteries that allow them to run exclusively on electric power; and with advancements in EV technology over the past several years, many electric vehicle models are capable of running well over 100 miles on a single charge. Salvage Tesla Cars for Sale. Similar to picture, Ford part # AM64-19D623-AB $500 new or $400 used. Please check our. Our available stock of odds & ends.

Maybe it's time to make the switch to an all-electric vehicle. ALIAS by Zap.

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