After being told by Rush that the Durham investigation has been slow walking and will not have anything until after the election, President Trump said that would be the first call he would be making after the show!

It’s time for the Lion to Roar; it’s time for the Silent Majority to make their presence known. I was so absorbed in this epic conversation between two titans of liberty that I completely forgot it was a radio show and they were up against a hard break.

And we’re sending that and the Eli Lilly version of it, which is very similar. Remember what they were telling us? Cheating will not help the Demon Legions of Satan. For those who read… more “Republicans didn’t do this or that.” We can rectify that later. Such a strong man. The numbers go down, a-ha, success. I don’t even know who.

10/20/20 11:44 AM EDT, Article Take a hike. Rush talks to Vice President Pence about the campaign against Biden-Harris., — #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) October 9, 2020. So it doesn’t hurt to keep a grain of salt handy, I guess. Gorsuch and kavanaug have not made our lives better. p.s. The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Aug 14 2020.
A lot of people are baseball fans where I’m not, and they might've -- but I’ll tell you, I have heard from people who are livid over the Black Lives Matter imposed on the pitcher’s mound, people that are big baseball fans. You never know – there is a lot of President Trump enthusiasm so maybe we can flip a Representation seat.

Will be very interested to hear the numbers next week! This is stuff that is so good. They would certainly be interested in this “radio rally” info, but it seems there is no way to reach them with this. 10/19/20 10:33 AM EDT, Rush Limbaugh: Black Lives Matter is a “full-fledged anti-American organization”, A former Fox News executive promoted alleged Hunter Biden emails on a far-right message board, Presidential debate moderators haven’t asked about LGBTQ issues since 2008, Matt Schlapp spread a dubious, unverified claim about threats made toward Trump supporters, Right-wing media has shaped the debate on climate change for far too long, Florida GOP congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna appeared on a QAnon program and praised the hosts, Scott Atlas goes on Fox to attempt to rewrite his misinformative mask tweets, Laura Ingraham and her guests have promoted at least 7 unproven treatments for COVID-19, Scott Atlas is reportedly derailing the coronavirus task force with dangerous misinformation -- he's only there because of Fox. Essentially it was a MAGA really with 50 million people attending , but I felt like it was just the three of us walking down the fairway, discussing current events! I think Rush was making these increasing “projections” to mock the absurd projections of deaths by Dr. Fraud-ci and the so-called “disease experts.”, Understand…..hold it and wait for another day . Wedding Pie Strain Indica Or Sativa, (I don’t either – but I vote for what is best for the future of our nation, anyway.). ( Log Out / 

Ok, now after listening to the whole thing…. Well, it’s because they got a two-day head start on whatever social distancing. Nobody wants Biden, Harris dropped out because nobody wanted her. It’s not hard to find out it’s not about civil rights. Good Comments For Teachers From Students, Loading... Unsubscribe from Rush Limbaugh Show? I gave them my numbers to put in with the other numbers that they already have, which are very good, excellent, and it’s… You know, it’s the most amazing thing — and it’s not Remdesivir. They’re gonna have a thousand fold difference because they know now that we have things that we never had before. The Dems, Deep State, Media and Rinos are ALL IN. Earlier this afternoon President Trump held a radio rally with Rush Limbaugh and an estimated 50 million audience members tuned-in to listen and participate. Now we have DNC operatives.

Order Of The Gauntlet Ranks, Those people were in there. He is soooooo amazingly kind to people he doesn't have to be kind to. I agree, but remember that once lost it can never be recovered. As soon as he goes off the air, all three radios get turned off.

They might have become infected. Another Word For Plan Together, Import Brands Joe Biden ssid jf about Obamacars ” a big effing deal”…Obo nearly swallowed his tongue. Scariest Halloween Costumes Ever For Sale, Sixth Form College For International Students, Ohio Sbdc At Urban League Of Greater Cleveland, Are There Bull Sharks In Long Island Sound, Can You Wear Your Military Medals On Civilian Clothing, California Bar Exam Pass Rate February 2019, Dr Craig Smith, Chair Of The Dept Of Surgery, Columbia University Aerospace Engineering, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Story Time. Please folks get out there and vote and also where you can get out there and help keep the demorats from cheating. I agree about voting the R’s in….even though I will have to confess to God and pray it was the right thing to do. And then the Black Lives Matter painted in black, however they superimpose it on the pitcher’s mound, so many stadiums, so many games. Rush Limbaugh Jul 14, 2020 2020-07-14 Download Right click and do "save link as" The rising crime wave in New York City talk about it all the time, shootings up to 200% over last year all sorts of violence and mayhem being unleashed. You need to think harder. As a descendent of Jarheads (WWII and Korea) all five of them dissuaded me from joining the military because it was becoming political ( we had 2 in Nam, my Dad and Uncle, both Navy). Well, it’s because they got a two-day head start on whatever social distancing. 10/21/20 4:11 PM EDT, Article It did not feel like an interview per se. Rush Limbaugh Oct 14, 2020. Durham probe: FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleads guilty to falsifying Carter Page FISA application. Green Lentils Nutrition, RUSH: Well, thank you very much. your ‘concern’ that Christians should not vote for PDJT because he threatened Iran using common millennial language, which will gain him millennial votes, is ‘noted’. We are the number one hot spot in all of United States.

I totally agree with you! What a joke that was. it is the president who decides what prosecutorial priorities are. Lunatic, over-educated self destructionists…that is an entirely different story. Scott Presler is working his #ss off registering Trump voters in PA. They’ve canceled the Marlins game. You know, there are times when F-bombs are the best bombs. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Life has to go on. The President revealed some of his perspectives that he hasn’t often or ever previously noted. But I just -- I -- No, it’s not -- the reason I don’t think they’re gonna be able to play is because of the reaction everybody’s having to the virus, not the virus itself. But he was on hydroxychloroquine, and there are several doctors here who put people on that right away, when they’re in their first five days of the illness, that’s when it’s —, CALLER: — effective. We Energies Phone Number,

I cherish and enjoy each and every moment I have with both of them. President Trump is a genius at marketing and everything else he does. Most people couldn’t do what Fauci did unless they were trying to. We are from CO, so it would be good if it went red…it certainly never did while I was living there. My dear fellow, madam—I said no such thing.
There would be no Pres Trump if weasel romney won in ’12. Football’s gotta be watching this. I LOVE President Trump! However, our family decided to hold our nose and vote for Graham as well. You may hike all you want . I think the reaction has gone way beyond the rational. I think the investigation is far more wide-ranging than they thought. The Yankees were supposed to open in Philadelphia tonight — well, not open, but yeah, open a three-game series. I am also not an American and totally agree that Trump needs to be re-elected for the American people and for the Western World.

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