Oh, I know everything about them. When he is angry, frightened or shocked, the feathers will very suddenly spike out. He manages to tell them about the loggers, and after Blu encourages them, the tribe decides to fight.

The two share a chest bump as the loggers flee, hinting that their previous rivalry may have dissolved.

During "Beautiful Creatures," Roberto asks Blu if he could "borrow" Jewel for a moment, barely waiting for Blu to respond. Roberto Roberto VOICE Bruno Mars. Roberto is a watchman for the tribe, even doing night patrols to make sure they're safe from humans. He even nicknames Tiago "T-bird." Heroes who aren't revealed to be good at first, https://bstudios.fandom.com/wiki/Roberto?oldid=25936. Roberto then tells the couple that he's doing a night patrol, and that they can stay in his nest. It's clear that Eduardo would rather have Roberto as his son-in-law, instead of Blu. In the first movie, Jewel stated that humans took everything away from her. They grew up together, so they have a bond that’s pretty special. Roberto here!! After the red and blue macaws succeed in driving away the loggers, Roberto shares a triumphant chest bump with Felipe, suggesting that their rivalry has dissolved, or has at least become more friendly. : He places a flower on Jewel's head and they head off to dance with the tribe. Roberto does still have genuine feelings for Jewel. Roberto seems confused and surprised by this but does not seem to take a side. Blue Sky Studios Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Roberto is voiced by Bruno Mars. : He says humans trap you and then feed you crackers, insinuating he has experienced this. Carlos Saldanha revealed that Roberto was originally going to be tough, with a deep, intimidating voice and brutish personality, but when Bruno Mars was casted, Saldanha decided to change Roberto's design and personality to better suit the voice. Jewel's childhood friend and the son Eduardo never had, Roberto is pretty much the opposite of Blu – all charm and suaveness – and it seems as though there's nothing he can't do, everything he does is heroic. | He also seems to be the captain of their tribe's soccer team, and most likely one of the best players. The entire cast of the animated smash RIO returns in RIO 2, and they are joined by a new flock of top actors and musical talents. Although it was only hinted at in the movie, Roberto was definitely once kept by humans, shown in. [echoes] :

They destroy your mind! With an impressive wing span, he sings, dances and makes all the females swoon, making Blu feel incredibly inadequate. One shorter feather sticks up on his head. : Company Credits And my brawn. Roberto is voiced by Bruno Mars. He’s a genuine dude and he really has love for Jewel – genuine love. [Fart-bubbles emerge from beneath Tiago]  He later is seen panicking again and is then slapped by Mimi, which causes him to act aggressively toward humans. His eyes are blue, and his beak and talons are gray. A bird bath! Roberto Roberto Roberto respects Mimi. | Jewel is Roberto's childhood friend, so they were very close when they were young. Roberto plays a soccer match for his tribe to conquer the access to the Brazil nut grove (after Blu trespasses into the Red Macaws' territory).

Have some fun with Jewel, kids, Eduardo and Mimi.. at Jungles!! Tiago : Similar to Jewel, he cherishes his freedom and would never fly into a cage. Gilan Shahaf.

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