I hope you do. I use it in Photoshop, in ClipStudio, in Affinity Designer and Photo, and in my Android software.

I will point out the cases where Sketchbook Express is different so that free users can still follow along. Takes the hue of the blended layer, changing the color of the base layer, without affecting the luminosity. The top of the screen contains the buttons you use when editing or creating a drawing: My Gallery (the icon of four rectangles): Returns to the My Gallery view and lets you save or discard the changes made to your drawing, as well as save the changes to a new copy. On my first layer I use the pencil tool for a light blue sketch. This is not an official translation and may contain errors and inaccurate translations. Besides using the layer marking menu, from the toolbar, you can also tap to access the Layer Editor (if not visible), then tap or tap and select New Layer. raywenderlich.com requires JavaScript. The benefit to using layers is becoming quite apparent; each time you shift gears as you draw, adding a new layer allows you to preserve your work from previous layers. Now I delete my blue layer and create a layer I call "the ink." Layer (the icon of two stacked diamonds): In addition to hiding the layer (by using the eye icon) and adjusting its opacity, this pop-over lets you create new layers. If it isn’t already in the pane, tap and hold a drawing tool and select the airbrush tool in the top row, second from the left, as shown below: First, add the highlights to your alien. Shape (by default, the freeform-stroke icon): Use its pop-over to select four types of shapes to draw: freeform, line, rectangle, and ellipse. Shade your alien’s tongue around the edges with your new dark red color. Is your drawing finger all warmed up? In Sketchbook Express, tap the brush icon at the top, and choose the brush image shown below. Choose from an assortment of modes. Next, select the hard eraser tool; if it’s not visible, tap and hold a tool from the tools pane, and select the eraser in the middle row on the far right as shown below: Pinch and zoom as necessary to better see the outline of your alien, and erase all of the shading or highlighting that bleeds beyond the lines, as shown in the example below: Adjust the size of the eraser in the Brush Properties window to make it easier to get into those little nooks and crannies. Your image should look similar to the screenshot below: That makes the image look a little more finished. The higher the setting, the brighter the glow.

Apply them and experiment without the fear of permanently altering your composition. I'm an iPad Cartoonist based in New Haven, CT. All guides © 2020 their respective authors. Now I turn down the opacity for my ink layer and turn on the music notes sketch.
Instead, tap the little ring icon at the bottom of the screen to display the brush controls along the left and right sides of your screen, for continuous access.

Then select a darker red color from the paint palette and paint in the alien’s mouth.

Your input helps us improve Sketchpad and the User Guide for everyone.

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