Zudem ist für die Benutzung dieser Seite der Einsatz von Cookies erforderlich. It is calculated as the % of reef sites surveyed by RLS divers across all the ecoregions in which the species has been observed. Commonly referred to as the Blue Dragon nudibranch because of its very long thin body and perfoliate rhinophores, its one consistent characteristic is the bright purple-blue bands on the oral tentacles.

This nudibranch uses Zooxanthellae to harness solar energy and dependant upon the amount of Zooxanthellae of the the animal has in its digestive glands the body colour will range from white to brown.The rhinophores have purple tips and the oral tentacles have purple bands. Please use this form only for a single type The NSSI 2nd edition is available in We Here be dragons - Phylogeography of Pteraeolidia ianthina (Angas, 1864) reveals multiple species of photosynthetic nudibranchs (Aeolidina: Nudibranchia). identification key, and an up-to-date classification reflecting the latest evolutionary relationships. This region supports the most diverse marine fauna of any place in the world for most groups of marine organisms. Ihre Sicherheit, auch die Ihrer Daten, ist uns sehr wichtig. Pteraeolidia semperi. Translation in processWe're updating the page. You will need to jump through a few hoops to get the electronic version as pdf distribution is protected by Adobe ID!! Pteraeolidia semperi, commonly known as the "Blue Dragon" by divers in eastern Australia, is one of a group of remarkable aeolid nudibranchs which are using solar energy. It is one of the most commonly sighted species in Hawaii and the Philippines but in Sydney is only occasionally sighted. form . Abundance is calculated as the average number of individuals recorded per RLS transect, where present. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society doi:10.1111/zoj. Wenn Sie diese Seite weiter verwenden, erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden. Homepagevon Astrid und Johnny Braun (deutsch), World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) (englisch), You may only upload pictures up to 10 MB file size, You have to own the copyright to the photo. There might be some translation errors. For years we have called this highly variable species Pteraeolidia ianthina, but the systematic of this group was clarified by Wilson & Burghardt (2015). This new 2nd Edition is updated and reorganized, including 185 new species. Sorry about that ;-), Uploaded by robertbaur.Courtesy of the author Astrid & Johnny Braun, Luxemburg (Astrid & Johnny Braun, Luxemburg) Image detail, Fadenschnecke, Pteraeolidia semperiAufgenommen in Bangka / Indonesien, 08/2014Uploaded by BioTaucher. standards, Pteraeolidia semperi, Adult, Holmes Reef, Coral Sea, Australia, Photo: Andrew Green, Pteraeolidia semperi, Tulamben, Bali, Photo: Tom Davis, Occurrence describes how often the species is found on surveys within its distribution. The variation in color is due to the nutrition of the species which changes from feeding on algae as juveniles to feeding on hydroids as adults. please report these in separate forms by clicking on this button Image detail, Last comment in the discussion about Pteraeolidia semperi, Wenn Sie noch kein Benutzerkonto haben, können Sie sich kostenlos registrieren. 2015. Similar to Pteraeolidia ianthina which is found in temperate Australia and which only has two purple bands on the rhinophores.

book Attention all you Sluggers, and you know who you are! Pteraeolidia semperi (Bergh, 1870) For years we have called this highly variable species Pteraeolidia ianthina , but the systematic of this group was clarified by Wilson & Burghardt (2015). Placida dendritica for another solar sea slug). appreciate your assistance in maintaining high quality control again after submitting this form, Thank you for highlighting this error. One curious feature of their biology, shown here in Mike's photo, is the habit of laying their coiled undulating egg ribbon atop the green algae (Identity unknown), on shallow sunny sandy bottoms. The Indo-Pacific represents the largest expanse of tropical ocean in the world, stretching from the Indian Ocean coast of southern Africa and the Red Sea to the central Pacific of the Hawaiian Islands, Easter Island and the Marquesas.

The nudibranchs and sea slugs are no exception to this rule; there are about 3,000 described species of these organisms in the world and at least 40% of these have been found exclusively in the Indo-Pacific tropics. following to enable reading your electronic purchase! Among other features, the new edition includes additional photographs of species, an If you see multiple errors on the page for this species, Pteraeolidia semperi (Bergh, 1870) Pteraeolidia is a genus of sea slugs, aeolid nudibranchs, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Facelinidae The body color of this species is translucent tan but the cerata, which in Hawaii vary from dark purple to lavender … of error. & Burghardt, I. The hard back version will become available Nov. 1st. Both will cost $65 (individually). While P. semperii occurs throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific, P. ianthina is a temperate species. This book illustrates 2,138 Indo-Pacific nudibranchs and sea slugs, including many undescribed species. ebook PDF and The Pteraeolidia semperi, from the family Facelinidae, often confused with the Pteraeolidia ianthina. 12266. Mike has observed this interesting behavior several times. In the latter, the adults also receive nutrition from the symbiotic zooxanthellae they acquire from the hydroids and sequester in their cerata. Please read the Reference: Wilson, N.G. It has a translucent body with d These zooxanthellae, continue to carry on photosynthesis, converting water and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen (see BOW - Wie wir mit Ihren Daten umgehen, einsetzen und welche rechtlichen Möglichkeiten Sie haben, erfahren Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Pteraeolidia semperi (Bergh, 1870) Photographed by KIMOTO Nobuhiko Location Occhogahama, Hachijo Island, Izu Shichitou and Ogasawara, Japan Date 2018/10/10 Length 30mm Depth 8.0m Water temperature 26.0℃ Comment is not registered References.

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