The following documents were recovered in a Polish death camp upon its discovery by Soviet troops in World War II. I decoded the titles of the videos that were coded on Base 64 and I got this: bGltYm8 = ....... limbo: it is the state of those who die in friendship with God but, although they are sure of their eternal salvation, they still need purification to enter eternal bliss.

I suppose I remained seated out of gross curiosity. My theory of exactly WHY Tom Hanks plays so many characters in the movie is that the boy has father issues. It’s around that time that I felt something was really wrong.

It turned out that his name was Tom.

1:06 A.M: Interesting events end. That thing is supposed to be the specter of a woman who died while giving birth. We will dispose of the children's bodies through incineration. 1:24 A.M: We strap them to the beds and experiment on them with a series of experimental drugs.

In fact, there was no music at all. It depends on how things progress. I wrapped up his body in cloth and strapped him to the top of the train. More of our trains are coming in now with the second group of Subjects. When a hand gripped my arm I jumped and yelped. Soon enough the small crowd of parents were surrounding him. Not that interesting compared to the next one. Documents were kept confidential after the collapse of the … "We will observe each passenger and if they eligible to enter the train.

It features snow, a magical train, reindeer, children sliding down an enormous sack of presents, and tap dancers delivering hot chocolate whilst singing. Creepypasta Land Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Actually, it just makes me feel worse. An elaboration of my POLAR EXPRESS THEORY.

It reminded me of a gun as it clicked the safety off and I couldn’t help but look up at the beam of light.

Burnett Stone would drive Lady away and Thomas would help Lady get their backs out of there, but this scene didn't look like the final copy. ", Staff Seargeant of Sobibor Camp, Occupied Poland", [Aktion Reinhard is a pseudonym used in his Nazi collaboration, his real name is Hermann Michel, notorious for luring "undesirables" into gas chambers in Poland. Put it back down. CreepyPastas is the best place to find and share original CreepyPasta, narrations, images and short films, you won't find another sub like the whole of Reddit. First we inject them with--". Then I could doubt it like the rest of you because even though this happened to me, even though there were witnesses, sometimes I’m not quite sure I believe it myself. In the video, he curiously says so when the face is fading away.

Grab cup of coffee. Then I could doubt it like the rest of you because even though this happened to me, even though there were witnesses, sometimes I’m not quite sure I believe it myself. And the conductor is himself in the future if he does end up believing, strong, smart, and is able to CONDUCT the children in a way to support their belief. At the beginning of the movie it says “a couple years ago” and proceeds to tell the story. Do you plan on sending your kids back to school this fall? The last video is called UG9udGlhbmFr, which translates to PONTIANAK. I will pretend to be a train conductor on a train to the North Pole. Eventually he stopped crying and fell asleep out of pure exhaustion. 1:48 A.M: Finally the last one alive was Subject B.

It crackled like some evil laughter, burst into sparks, convulsing back, except he didn’t go far because his buffers were fused with Percy and Lady’s wheels. The following documents were recovered in a Polish death camp upon its discovery by Soviet troops in World War II.

The tunnels. Heck, I always thought a scratchy record or CD teeth chattering eerie.

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