The government has a big role to play in all these. In other words, family members’ account and private companies are now being used as instruments to siphon the nation’s resources into private pockets. Although children are very important to Nigeria families because parents believe that their children will provide support for them in their old age, family relationships are mostly guided by strict system of ‘seniority’ and male tended egoistic values.

Even now in the new age, some countries are yet to completely repeal capital punishment which is still applicable in their law courts should the degree of offence demands it.

All rights reserved. FOREX , BITCOIN and BINARY TRADER: Teach them that whatever it is they aspire to is possible. And as the country tries to combat corruption and instill higher values, the family is a good place to start.

And as the country tries to combat corruption and instill higher values, the family is a good place to start. i was told to seek help from there pastor which i refuse because its nothing to me, still can't believe i lost my job because i told them that i saw a ghost. As mentioned before, children are like copy machines.

Nigerians have been advised to sustain family values by inculcating right values in their children and wards in order to overcome the challenges of the changing world. Many of them have infiltrated the various systems of government. This is something your kids need to see and pick up from you.

This does not make a proud and healthy country in terms of its educational system. Anti-corruption protesters at the National Assembly on Tuesday in Abuja expressing their support for the ongoing crusade against graft by the Federal Government.

Copyright PUNCH. It is also observed that many civil servants, especially those at the public tertiary institutions have shown less commitment as they get enticed by these ‘private enterprises.’. As a matter of fact, it is to be regretted that many government officials as well as serving politicians have also ventured into the private school business. This is a different angle to this discussion for such individuals are indeed needed in the society because their ideologies and constructive arguments often times help formulate new social policies or ameliorate the existing ones. Family is the bedrock of society. There was no apparent difference between the affluent and the poor in the society because every home had ‘contentment’ boldly written on the family plaque and beside strict adherence was no other choice available. Nevertheless, the bulk of the mess is reflective of the disturbing state of youth unemployment in the country. were offences punishable by death.

The book highlighted the indestructibility of a family and its importance on the individual and the society at large. In Nigeria, having many children is fashionable and is a status symbol. To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced . If any child broke the regulation, the appropriate punishment would be applied regardless of the status of his/her parents.

As the popular saying goes, “Charity begins at home.” And in the words of Sidney Newton Bremer, “The minds of little children operate somewhat like the copying machines in our offices. Let them understand that the world is cold already and it needs people to bring more warmth to it. And now the question is; how can these people really advocate for a policy that is counterproductive where their personal interests are concerned? Even though there were no ‘modern aesthetics’, the young men and women living in this period could only recognise and appreciate values and not ‘things’; family names were pearls and every family member (either home or abroad) made conscious effort to protect their names. Let them know that they will make mistakes at some point.

Men provide everything a nd women take care of the chores and kids. Remind them always that there are no short cuts and no cutting corners in life. Of course, there is no doubt that cultural background does play very important roles in the outlook of any society, nonetheless there is a goal that is common to all societies of the world, irrespective of cultural, political, economic or social differences and that is, to achieve and maintain peace, security and sanity at all times! Therefore, in the light of the issue under discussion, it is pertinent to elucidate what corruption is, and this may only be appreciated by a very simple but explicit definition curled from the free online encyclopedia — Wikipedia, which says, corruption is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire personal benefit. The fact that the government has not paid adequate attention to the public schools in terms of infrastructure and manpower, has made many business-oriented folks to take advantage of the situation and, this may explain the proliferation of private schools all across the country in the recent times; not in the history of this country have there been such huge number of private schools even up to tertiary level. For example, although a large family brings a greater economic burden, many families in the eastern part of Nigeria … For example, there was a time in history when simple act of stealing, indecent dressing, speaking words of profanity, wrong accusation, practice of witchcraft and act of sorcery. This explains why the leaders may not be keen on advocating for upgrades of the public institutions. He commended the planning committee members for their consistency in putting up a successful outing year -in year-out. How To Tell If You Are A Narcissistic Mother. In more simplified terms, corruption is established when everything or anything acquired by anyone who is in a privileged position comes through an avenue of dishonesty or unethical approach.

Parents can teach their kids to be empathetic only when they are capable of showing empathy.

In Nigeria, there are certain family values which are necessary to instil in your children.

Also, they will disappoint somebody. The schools also helped in upholding these values by ensuring there was discipline across-the-board. And because of the government apparent abandonment of public schools and subsequent decadence of this institution focus has been shifted to private schools, hence only those with higher financial status engage in the patronage of private schools in Nigeria while the poor remain in the abandoned public arena.

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