All the latest from the greatest little neighborhood in San Francisco, Ever find yourself needing a change of scenery from the home office or the office office? I reached out to Lester and Michael, two Barebottle founders, to get more information on just what’s being offered if you spend your mornings working with them: – We roast our own coffee (currently a Guatemalan Huehuetenango and and Ethiopian Guji dry process) and do individual pour overs, – Mike constructed three phone booths in the lounge for quiet phone call space (including power outlets), – We have power outlets in the building, but also power packs you can rent for free, – Get a lot of natural light coming in from the front of the building. I'm Lester Koga, and I co-founded Barebottle Brewing Company with my friend, Mike Seitz. Bank of America has been essential to our growth. At Barebottle, every beer that we brew has a new idea, and it's always fun seeing people's reactions. Member FDIC.

But we wanted it to be true to homebrewing,” Ben pointed out. Inspired by the historic brewing culture of Cincinnati, Seitz teamed up with friend and fellow Cornell University graduate Lester Koga to turn a passion for beer into a business venture.
“His clientele sort of has expectations for the food, and the IPA is the holy grail of the tap list. Repetition isn’t welcome. Barrel-aging isn’t necessary, but most breweries do it. Mike Seitz, a co-founder of Barebottle Brewing Co., started making his own beer back in 2008. Pilot batches were sent to Epic for feedback. How did … Barebottle now offering free co-working space 9am Mon-Fri. © 2019 Liquid Bread Magazine.

Michael and Lester competed in regional homebrewing competitions in their respective hometowns. “No one really takes themselves too seriously, and they’re all willing to share.”. All other logos and company names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners and are used pursuant to license. 226 others named Michael Seitz are on LinkedIn. All rights reserved. If you need a little break from hunching over your laptop, you can always grab a delicious beer and let off steam with some rousing table tennis, shuffleboard, cornhole, pinball or other arcade games. It hasn’t been held in recent memory, but the idea is to strengthen the homebrewing experience. Our team is just very, very diligent about over-doing the cleaning before and after, just to ensure. Title: Michael Seitz . Exclusive limited-run beers are not uncommon for Barebottle. Now that you’re a member of the community, spice up your profile by adding photos, a custom avatar, information about your small busines, and much more. Michael and Lester competed in regional homebrewing competitions in their respective hometowns. We decided we want to do this because we love it. Michael Seitz from Barebottle says: Howdy Neighbors! Barebottle Brewing co-founders Ben Sterling, Lester Koga, and Michael Seitz began as homebrewers themselves. The solera method. Bank of America is committed to providing entrepreneurs with solutions to ignite and accelerate their potential, providing access to capital, mentoring, education and training through our business and partnerships. Slight bittering without overpowering the taste buds was critical to the introduction of the beer. Join our small business community for expert insights, insider tips, and the industry knowledge you need to see your small business grow. Check out our other client spotlight videos: Dr. Julia Harper, Founder of TheraPeeds Family Center, Denise Shelton, Founder and CEO of Community Bridge, Inc, Rachel Estapa, Founder and CEO of More to Love Yoga. For any comments or updates, please email: Tuesday Taste of the Week #2: Pizzahacker Yo Vinny!

Every week, the beer list changes. – It’s totally free! Bank of America has done a really good job of demystifying the whole process of small business banking, small things like automatic check deposits, but also on the large side of access to capital, access to loans. Lester was already established in the Bay Area, but Michael was in Cincinnati at the time. – This is where we work as well, so if you’ve ever wanted to rub elbows with brewers, this is a great chance! Content tagged with small business owner month, Jive Software Version: , revision: 20150911111911.7f31811.release_8.0.2.x, We would appreciate having your voice in the Small Business Community. Any Beans Necessary is a golden ale fermented with whole coffee beans. Which would be fine, if that was our approach. From one menu change to the next, the beer’s ingredients also deviate to compliment new styles.

Running your own business, it's just a huge responsibility. We brew to share.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Food pairings are integrated into Barebottle’s own lineup, as well. What inspires me are flavors and being able to integrate them in ways that hopefully no one's ever experienced before. © 2019 Bank of America Corporation. Barebottle prides itself on collaborations.

While beer will still be brewed in the original Barebottle location, the rapid success and popularity allowed the duo to expand their footprint. Because that’s…. “It’s like their house IPA, and it’s always going to be West Coast…”. Member FDIC. provides informational reading material for your discussion or review purposes only. Seitz was working in Cincinnati when he was first exposed to homebrewing. “In order to continue to have that one-to-one relationship with consumers, this is an important step for us.”. Barebottle Brewing Company was co-founded by Lester Koga, Michael Seitz, and Ben Sterling, three friends and former classmates at Cornell Business School in Ithaca, NY. Bank of America has been a great partner with us basically since the beginning. There are a couple ways to sour the beer. It’s a steakhouse, after all. Something may eventually be made in the same vein, but repetition isn’t part of the Barebottle mantra. Best part of the whole deal? Lester was already established in the Bay Area, but Michael was in Cincinnati … Bank of America, N.A. A new menu demands new flavor profiles. I’m a huge fan of multi-use spaces, especially in a city as square-footage challenged as San Francisco, so it’s really nice to see Barebottle taking some of their large warehouse space and opening it up to the community. “We’d love to find a baking partner… we’ve talked to some of the high-end chocolatiers here in the City to see what we can do. But you’ll see those maybe come out once or twice a year now for us because we want people to become familiar with a wider range of beers,” Ben explained. Constructive criticism led to the next batch until the recipe was perfected to their liking. Take part in the conversation and post your own question to the community. San Francisco Bay Area. Small-scale production welcomes failure but also creativity. The competition is officiated using the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program), and it ensures top tier competitors across the Bay Area. Another unlikely collaboration involves Philz Coffee. Disclosure: Bank of America and the Bank of America logo are registered trademarks of Bank of America Corporation. Here are the easiest ways to find the content you want.

We’ve been working on renovating the old granite cutting warehouse, which needed a lot of TLC, into a production brewery and tasting room. It’s one of the oldest industries to work in — and also one of the most personally rewarding and enjoyable,” Seitz said.

A number of breweries were featured, but it didn’t quite capture the intended essence of the restaurant. Lebron Tears and DeMarKush Cousins – both hazy IPAs – tapped out in the blink of an eye. An example of small business growth momentum is Bank of America client Barebottle Brewing Co., a San Francisco-based craft brewery energizing a passionate community of beer enthusiasts to bring a unique business model to life…. So, a lot of breweries are scared of doing it. Bank of America, N.A. **cough** Ritual, I see you with those covered outlets **cough**. Producing better beer than what was commercially available was the objective. We don’t want to have a constant, or a normal, we always want to try something new. Michael Seitz Co Founder & CEO at Barebottle Brewing Company. He and I started as homebrewers. It can only be done every so often. Seitz and Koga teamed up with fellow Cornell business school classmate Ben Sterling, and the three men formed the concept behind Barebottle: that homebrewers would compete for … All rights reserved. One that invites competition from homebrewers to determine its next beer. Testing small batches on the pilot system – which is equivalent to one keg – is routine when crafting a potential beer to fill a tap. So on the back of every label, we actually include the home brew recipe. The recipe still evolves over time. That planted the seed to open Barebottle Brewing . that’s the homebrewer ethos, where you just never stop.”, “I’m glad that people have embraced styles that are not native to the area. When a recipe is deemed high-quality, it is made available on draft. A collaboration with the Bayview’s Sequoia Sake led to Barebottle’s Half-Samurai – a wheat ale fermented with sake yeast. Michael Seitz, Barebottle Co-Founder. Epic Proportions is technically a West Coast IPA. The positive vibe that people have being here is just so rewarding and I’m really excited to bring that to more places.

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