4 AWG wires. I had used steel in my one. In a vacuum, there's no air to ionize; the spark probably would not start at all, and would never move from the point of shortest path if it did. If your electricity rises up the wires and stays at the top then flare out the tips of the wire 7. Is it normal for the fourth or fifth link to get stuck every now and again though? I just made two of these for my nephew and niece. saw a news story today where a kid died building one of these, but I don't see any safety comments anywhere. I like the idea of a steam-punk inspired ladder. The thicker the gauge and the insulation the better!

Megavolt do you remember how you wired up your 110V supply.

on Introduction, you can buy a $40 jacobs ladder kit from jaycar in australia, im guessing this would be like radio shack in usa, it uses a vn commodore ignition coil and a 12 volt battery. on Introduction. ... but don't count on it. Step 3: Prepare …

In other words, a transformer, two metal prongs and lots of evil laughter.

If not that, it is possible that your ribbons are a bit tighter at that link. )2) small nails/brads(They have to be small enough not to pose a splitting problem going down the thinnest dimension of the board.

on Introduction, Reply Try rounding the edges of your blocks a bit, might help. Just found this neat website: WonderHowTo!

What kind of insulated wire are you using? Share it with us! 4 AWG wires to prevent premature arcing. Then get some lengths of copper wire and insulate it with the insulation tape then attach it to the 2 High Voltage... 3. Using ruler, straight-edge, and pencil, mark off 3" segments of the board. There is a piece of reflective mylar on the back acrylic. I wired it up and used two coat hangers to make electrodes just to make sure it would work, then I painstakingly straightened the copper wire and made two copper electrodes that were about 6ft tall. hello i am have trouble finding the required transformer that you have said because i am from place where such transformer is not available. I would like to add this alternative way of attaching the ribbons. )3) 9 feet or so of 3/8"-wide cloth/polyester ribbon(You can get this at a craft store, e.g., Michael's. The weight of the ladder puts too much tension on the ribbon and it won't work anymore.

7 years ago

4 years ago, You probably have your project under control, just as mine is beginning.

If you can find an old microwave oven, you can take the transformer out of that, which IIRC puts out several kV. 11 years ago Share it with us! Jacob's ladders work by ionizing the air and drawing an electrical arc at the bottom of the ladder. Much less than a microwave oven, so I really have no problem with running this in my house continuously, as long as I was able to have a firm foundation and a method of making sure the arc doesn't heat the rails too much.I seriously doubt that the author is crazy.

!If you have the time and are willing to put in the effort, it makes the whole thing look nice if you put it inside of a box. Use a neon sign power inverter or an oil burner's ignition transformer for the power source. 5 years ago I didn't measure before cutting, so I have uneven electrodes. 12 years ago If you say your making a Jacobs ladder they will usually give it to you for free or for a low price.)

10 years ago on Introduction. About: Eric J. Wilhelm is the founder of Instructables.

)Tools:1) small hammer2) ruler, straight-edge, and pencil3) hacksaw or power-saw4) scissors5) sandpaper (perhaps coarse and fine). Reply Determined to duplicate the success of the rope ladder, I ran out a few days later and bought more rope and dowels.

But bear in mind that if you use rods that are too thin, then it may have the possibility of melting. Is it possible (and harmless enough) to use normal electric wire (like wire from electric devices)? That takes the bending aspect out of the equation. Electricity is fun until it bites you and you learn to respect the power and how easy it is to get the shock of your life and maybe the last one. Gets two equal lenths of the steel wire. Reply Reply

5 years ago And fyi.


This makes the whole process sooo much easier.When it is more or less straight, you need to clean the coating off. My new Franceformer uses 120 volts and 3.15 Amps or 378 watts on the primary winding to produce 12,000 volts and 30 milliamps or 360 watts on the secondary winding. I have not tried 3/8" pipes. Your blocks will no doubt have shaggy ends from the sawing. try decreasing the angle that they spread apart.

9 years ago Nice. This can be very difficult, as trying to bend it usually ends with it twisting out of your grip. I used a laser cut piece of acrylic. Cut the end of the extension cord where you would plug the device into.

Soon I will make the Jacob ladder and use its RFI to attempt to kill bacteria. In later versions I put a gap between the two holes to allow the spark to pass through.

Try asking for an old one at a neon sign shop, or just keep your eyes open for a warehouse renovation/sign replacement, often the ones removed work just fine. David Weinberg began writing in 2005 at New College of Florida, composing articles on history and political science for publication within the school and for online circulation. I have, in fact, tested the theory. Do not indulge that impulse here. 8 years ago 5 years ago To make a project like this you will need 12 pieces of card or board and 3x1m spools of ribbon.

(It will be easy to trim off the excess later.). Drill two holes approximately 0.5 inches apart and shove two dowels in the holes.

I know your reponse is old but I feel compelled to chip in: You're quite wrong, I promise you. : A Jacob's Ladder (otherwise known as a high voltage climbing arc) is an eye-catching prop for Halloween and is a necessity for all aspiring mad scientists.

I had to sand mine quite a bit before the coating was gone.A non-conductive base must be used to mount the electrodes. Drill two holes in the center of the wood block about 1/2-inch apart and 1/2-inch deep. Jacob's ladders work by ionizing the air and drawing an electrical arc at the bottom of the l… Cut the end of the extension cord where you would plug the device into. S4S means surfaced on four sides. In other words, a transformer, two metal prongs and lots of evil laughter. A traditional wood-and-ribbon children's toy. Go wild with the colors -- you can use up to 3 different colors in one Jacob's Ladder. 12,000v@0.03A = 360 wattsthis thing will take quite alot of power,are you sure it outputs 30ma?and doesnt just take in 30 ma?

Well documented and great work, Reply What type of tv is it? Does the diameter of the rods matter to the output of the transformer and can I place a plexiglass tube around the rods for safety?

It had the ceramic insulators on each end and the three threaded stud power connections on one side. Keep your Jacob's ladder several feet away from all objects, people or animals whenever it is plugged in. My one is a 12KV one which i got free from a neon sign shop. My 11 year old son and I will have fun making this one. Now comes the one really important part of this operation: putting the ribbons on the blocks in the right configuration.The second picture below show what you want your first block to end up like: two ribbons attached to one edge at top and bottom; the third ribbon attached to the *other* edge in the middle. We have a 50 megawatt solar farm about an hour to the south and I want to apply my new invention to enhance it to 58.5 megawatts. It needs to be vertical. I got bit by mine when the transformer and HV line got close enough for one to induct to the other and I tried to hit the breaker without realizing the case was live. Some acrylic tubing around the electrodes will look cool and also protect spectators from their stupidity.Please feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, or share your creation with me! on Step 7, Thank you for such great instructable!

You have to be extremely careful and prudent with high voltage especially anything past 10 ma. Mine is a 8 kV, 20 mA at 25 khzs. S2S would be surfaced on two sides. That's called a Jacob's Ladder; one of the coolest awe-inspiring demonstrations of high voltage. Sand the whole thing down with some medium grit paper and wipe it down with some acetone or MEK. Be aware that most coat hangers have some type of paint or plastic coating that will have to be removed. My son and I made one together and he loves it! Yes you can put a plexiglass tube around it, and it shouldn't affect its performance. This heated air tends to rise drawing the spark up.

That way the slack is more uniform from piece to piece. Try modifying a stun gun and see if that works. and the sparks is produced from the middle of the rod but not all the way to top.

Could I use a 1MV Ultra-High voltage pulse generator for this? Good for elementary school-age kids to do with parental assistance.

It would be best to use ribbon that is double sided since it flips back and forth a lot. 'To start, hammer the two blue ribbons into one edge of the block as shown in the next picture.

Jacob's Ladder's use extremely high voltage levels, which are inherently dangerous.

Insert the other end of the other length into the other hole. are you crazy do you know how much power that takes.

It was managing around 6" in a -25in.Hg vacuum.

4 AWG bare solid copper wire, Power inverter with at least 12 kVAC output. 5 years ago. You are now ready to turn it on!

In a vacuum the spark can travel much farther. Could work with light weight material, though.

Once you get the bottoms close enough, bend them up and flare them out.

7 years ago

Set the spacing at the top of the copper pipes.

I'll probably go with solid copper wire again though because it reminds me of the old school ladders from the horror/sci-fi movies. Muahahhaha! Step 2. Use thick wire to make electrical connections between the output of the transformer and the dowels. I am very creative. on Introduction.

on Introduction.

Oh also does it matter what metal the rods are made of? I bought a three prong plug and a power strip (for the on off switch) along with 12 feet of solid copper wire (I forget what gauge, but it was about the thickness of a pencil) and some connections for connecting the copper/coat hanger electrodes to the transformer. When the current arcs between the rods, it heats the air around it. Connect the outputs of your transformer to the base of your electrodes. Want to master Microsoft Excel and take your work-from-home job prospects to the next level? on Step 6. 11 years ago 12 years ago

Electrical currents can jump several inches from the air, delivering a dangerous shock. Cut the No.

Reply I made this with my kids, but modified the design somewhat. Share it with us! So let's get started!

Doubly so if you don't ground the transformer right. Make the fit snug by putting the wire between the dowel and the pipe. Take your completed first block and lay out it as in the picture below, with the three ribbons stretched across the same side. How to Make a Jacob's Ladder! I got a Transco 12 kV 30 mA transformer on Ebay for $35. This is how I'm gonna hand my works in Typography class:), This is a great instructable!

Would this work, or does it need to be vertical in order for the spark to travel along the length of the copper pipes?

Seems like those materials should work. This is probably a terrible question: Would this work if it had 400kV coming from a DC step up convertor? Try to make the ribbons have an equal amount of slack, though. You do want the nail to have a head, not just a straight brad, and the head should be flat to offer a flush profile.

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