Let us know. It is rare that house sits go wrong. But, you can always meetup at a local restaurant or hotel. This will be especially distressing for the house sitter if it impacts on their ability to work from the home. 55+? House-sitting is a service where a homeowner entrusts their property, possessions and pets, for a period of time, to one or more "house sitters". It is especially unrealistic (and possibly illegal in some countries) to film secretly.

They may want a house sit report periodically while they're away. Breaking items and not replacing them - Even worse is to hide a broken item and hope that the home owners won't notice! Take photos of any transport options provided and the odometer, before use. Let's talk about subjective, unrealistic house sitting situations. 0000005138 00000 n Instead, they browse house sitter profiles and use our messaging system each time they need to hire a house sitter. These can include taking care of the home owner's pets, performing general maintenance (including pools, lawns, air-conditioning systems, etc. HouseSitMatch offer lawyer-prepared templates for house sitting agreements to all registered members. Also use this form if you can find a trusted third party to both hold the security deposit and act as a mediator at the end of the house sitting assignment. This includes (but is not limited to), expectations of behaviour, and requirements within the home and for the pets. Leading the way in inspiration, education, and the promotion of best practices. You can, find out more about their house sitting lifestyle here. You may also need to give specific instructions for solar systems, rain water collection and management, and other remote living challenges. They may lock a room or just request that you don't use it. I send the document in advance via email and just explain that it's mostly for our benefit - that we need written instructions to ensure we do the very best job maintaining their home. House-sitting is not suitable for those who have dependents or pets of their own, who need to know where the next month's income is coming from, who are unable to live out of a suitcase, or who are intolerant of other people's eccentricities. They provide numerous resources for the community as they continue their explorations and slow travel adventures across the globe. It's the same with house sitting - 99% of jobs are amazing, truly better than you might have hoped for, but 1% may let you down. This goes against the trust that is the basis of a house sitting arrangement. Gavin Merritt has five years of house sitting under his belt. 71 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 73 /H [ 1000 463 ] /L 334054 /E 46497 /N 20 /T 332516 >> endobj xref 71 28 0000000016 00000 n HOUSE SITTING BOND: (Cross out if there is not going to be a bond) A bond of $ ... house sitter shall inform the homeowner or contact and bear the cost of fumigation or eradication. Some sitters don't worry about cameras, others will, but it's fair to disclose cameras in initial conversations or even in your profile. If an emergency situation means that you have no choice but to leave early, try to find a suitable replacement and do a handover if possible. Examples include a check list of key areas that the home and pet owner should consider covering with their house sitter. Can we do this without the necessity of a formal contract or agreement? To have been given honest information about the pets, their behavior, health and temperament; the property and location; and the homeowners expectations. If you're intrigued by the idea of visiting destinations you've always wanted to see without having to pay for your accommodation, house-sitting could be the thing for you. trailer << /Size 99 /Info 69 0 R /Root 72 0 R /Prev 332506 /ID[] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 72 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 67 0 R /Metadata 70 0 R /PageLabels 65 0 R >> endobj 97 0 obj << /S 346 /L 431 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 98 0 R >> stream Provided by HUB Financial Solutions Limited. If you do want to get paid make sure this is clear upfront, and if you're advertising yourself through an agency like Housesitters include that information in your profile. It's also a good thing for the owners in case they have different sitters in the future, as they don't have to start from scratch. They want to leave their home and pets with people they can really trust and rely on. We've had this offer on two sits later in 2020 where we've been asked to remain available and flexible, on the promise of a separate place to stay should they not be able to travel. Neither one should have a feeling of "entitlement". Preparing a house sitting agreement, or at the very least a house sit questionnaire, means all of these things are considered and thought through by all parties. Mind My House: accessible international website with a community feel that links homeowners and potential sitters. They want their pets cared for, fed and exercised in much the same way that they themselves would look after their fur families. 0000043669 00000 n Mention any language skills you may have whether it's just conversational or you're fluent. To minimise any misunderstandings during difficult circumstances, we would suggest at the very least having an email or message trail to confirm your conversations about how you see the process unfolding during a cancellation out of your control. This might be to make their house less of a target for burglars, or because there are things that need doing around the home while they are gone, such as pool maintenance and plant watering. 0000001670 00000 n Be prepared to deal with the problems and emergencies that crop up and be honest with the homeowners about anything that happens. But a written contract will formalize each party’s commitments.

However, pet sitting can also refer to the practice of running a pet care business, which may involve home visits, dog walking, grooming, and other pet care duties.

However crazy you think your expectations are, the chances are there will be someone out there who thinks just like you, and who is happy to fulfill your requirements.

One topic that arises over and over is that of "unrealistic" house sitting expectations from either the house sitter or the home owner. According to home and pet sitting company Homesitters, 82% of homesitters say the role has made them happier in their retirement. Or, can we be confident that we have enough mutual respect to deal with all aspects of a house sitting job by communicating and confirming details together by carrying out house sitting best practice with plenty of due diligence? While developing your reputation and feeling your way in the house sitting community, an agreement may be a good option. Is house sitting trust best practice enough? In Canada, some insurance claims will not be paid out if they occur in a home left empty for more than four days. The best jobs are often snapped up very quickly, so always be ready with your application. It seems that a contract or agreement can really focus the home owner and the house sitter, ensuring that misunderstandings do not arise, especially on first-time assignments. Allowing your kids unrestricted access to the house - House sitters are not "baby sitters" and leaving teenage kids behind in the property is unacceptable. Building work with unacceptable noise - Don't knowingly move out of the home to go on vacation because of building work in your house, on adjoining land, or in a neighbour's home. House sitters regularly assume the role of pet care and are therefore often referred to as pet sitters. They wouldn't necessarily be deemed unacceptable IF they had been discussed at the interview stage. As we mentioned earlier, a house sitting platform that isn't charging a membership fee is usually pretty new to the scene, and they're trying to build up a database of house sitters. 0000001442 00000 n Paid staff - Don't retain the services of a house keeper, gardener or other staff and expect the house sitter to personally pay their wages without prior discussion. Once we charge for House Sitting we are now a business and need to have all our bases covered for operating a business in that location. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this discussion and also stress that none of us are "legal" experts. You should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions.

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