Aujourd'hui, la Taurus n'accapare plus les premières places des berlines[pas clair] et reste loin derrière les voitures japonaises, Toyota Camry et Honda Accord en tête, qui sont un peu plus courtes qu'elle d'une trentaine de centimètres. Comme pour la berline, le break Wagon rompt complètement avec le style de la précédente version. Lancée fin 1991, la seconde Taurus ne se distingue de la première version que par la forme de ses phares et par quelque détails de carrosserie. Is this Ford really a breakthrough, a car with European breeding, German-luxury-car moves, a strong dose of value, and all the goodness that can be packed into a cut-rate Audi 5000? Montage de roues, guide de tailles de pneus et base de connaissances, Guide d'information pour aider avant l'achat de jantes alu, Découvrez quelles sont les tailles de pneus adaptées à votre véhicule, Trouver des véhicules correspondants par Entraxe spécifiques.

No doubt some of the credit for this performance belongs to the Taurus's rigid chassis. Much of the credit for the powertrain's performance belongs to the transmission, which provides smooth shifts and unobtrusive converter lockup at moderate speeds and snappy downshifts to more aggressive ratios when acceleration is called for.

At its launch, a 2.0L EcoBoost inline-4 engine (an option for the sixth-generation Taurus) producing 245 hp and 350 Nm is standard,[3] with an optional 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine (used in the Fusion and Lincoln Continental) producing 325 hp and 475 Nm.
The way I see it, there are only two possible answers: The 1948 F-Series pickup, and the 1986 Ford Taurus. Ford has orchestrated an unusually long and intensive publicity program to prepare the public for these novel cars. And for the person who enjoys driving, American sedans don't come any better. The EPA rates the Taurus at 100 cubic feet of interior volume, which puts it on the line that divides midsize and large cars. Some of the exterior details are also ragged, like the uneven line formed by the bottoms of the headlights, turn signals, and grille panel. The First generation's interior could be ordered with a traditional column-mounted shifter and front bench seat, with bucket seats and a center console with a floor-mounted shifter, or with buckets seats and a console with a column-mounted shifter. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. It provided solid support for long stints behind the wheel. The atrocious orange-ish "woodgrain" that stretches across the dash but fails to match the darker inserts that adorn the doors. For this reason, we tried in our previews of this car to keep a tight rein on hyperbole.

Despite the V-6 engine's American design, it has the refined, purposeful note at high rpm that we usually associate with premium European machinery. The moment of judgment has been a long time coming because Ford postponed its introduction of the Taurus and the Sable from last fall to the day after Christmas.

The new sedans so neatly fit my philosophies about what a modern American sedan should be that I couldn't imagine the greater car-buying public nodding in agreement.

Ce guide est précis et mis à jour quotidiennement.Aucune garantie explicite ou implicite n'est fournie concernant l'exactitude des informations affichées sur ce site. La Ford Taurus est un modèle du constructeur américain Ford lancé en 1985 et uniquement destiné au marché nord-américain, concurrente de la Chevrolet Impala et de la Dodge Charger.Depuis sa commercialisation, la Taurus a eu un succès incontestable et a été produite à 7 519 919 exemplaires [1] entre 1985 et 2006.

Elle a été lancée fin 1995 et remplacée dès 1999. Now that I've finally driven a production Taurus, I'm more than ready to tackle the question we've been posing for the past several months.

A prototype's virtues can be compromised by the penny-pinching of heartless bean counters, by manufacturing shortcuts required to meet introduction deadlines, and by last-minute second thoughts in the product-planning department.

We also found that the Taurus's brakes could stand improvement.

If you have any memories of the Taurus to share, please do so. Compared to the standard Passat's 134-hp inline-four, the GLX's 2.8-liter V-6 produced a healthy 172 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque. The Ford Taurus produced by Changan Ford for the Chinese market is a full-size car produced by Chinese joint-venture automobile manufacturer Changan Ford. According to Webster, a milestone is "a significant point in development." Lancée en 1989, elle dispose d'un V6 3 litres développant 220 ch conçu par Yamaha. The Taurus is finally in production, and it either lives up to its promise or it doesn't. En effet, ce modèle se veut beaucoup plus luxueux que les précédents et adopte en conséquence un gros V6 3,5 litres. Elle poursuit sa carrière sans changement jusqu'en 1995. The Taurus's big stuff is in the bag: great looks, great aero, great space, great comfort—in short, all the benefits you gain by carefully studying the big problems and responding to them with great understanding. (The base Taurus, however, has different tires and lacks the LX's rear anti-roll bar.). Montage des roues pour n'importe quelle voiture, votre historique de recherche, des nouvelles sur les tests de pneus professionnels - le tout dans une application, Nous sommes extrêmement heureux d'annoncer que la nouvelle application Wheel Size est désormais disponible sur le Google Play Store!

And while the Audi costs $18,065 and the BMW $26,280, the Taurus LX can be had for $13,351.

La Ford Taurus est un modèle du constructeur américain Ford lancé en 1985 et uniquement destiné au marché nord-américain, concurrente de la Chevrolet Impala et de la Dodge Charger.

Police Interceptor Sedan, en avant-première à un salon automobile des États-Unis.

Anything can go wonky. We think that the fake wood-grain on the dash and door panels is out of sync with the interior's cleanly sculptured shapes, and the location of various minor controls lacks the military precision of most German cars.

The Tauruses lined up at your local Ford dealer have every sweet, windblown line in place, and they haven't been sullied by last-minute additions of chrome strips, opera windows, or stand-up hood ornaments. 1986 Ford Taurus LX.

V6 3.0 SFi Injection Directe 140 ch. Il mesure deux centimètres de plus en longueur et quatre de plus en hauteur. Elle adopte ainsi un dessin tout en courbe qui tranche complètement avec les générations précédentes.

The 1992 Volkswagen Passat GLX built off of the hum-drum regular VW Passat with a slightly firmer suspension setup and a welcome infusion of horsepower, thanks to the fitment of VW's narrow-angle VR6 engine in place of the standard inline-four.

For a complete overview of all Taurus models, see, The Taurus was not intended to compete with the. The purpose of this road test is to see whether the production Taurus lives up to its promise. They'll be more likely to test its volume and load capacity. The big gaps in the LX's exterior door spats. As a result, the Taurus rides just like an Audi or a BMW over large undulations, but absorbs small ridges and sharp edged bumps a bit better. Cette génération met un terme à la version sport baptisée SHO après dix ans d'existence, mais conserve sa déclinaison break. In performance, handling, ride, fuel economy, and utility, it is as good as or better than the Audi 5000S and the BMW 528e.

The place for comments is at the bottom of the page.

Yes, Martha, there really is a demand for functional, affordable, and distinctively good-looking automobiles.

Elle délaisse les quatre cylindres pour ne garder que les V6 essences. The way I see it, there are only two possible answers: The 1948 F-Series pickup, and the 1986 Ford Taurus. One typically European feature that the Taurus lacks is very hard suspension bushings.

La sixième génération de Taurus est dévoilée lors du Salon de Détroit, et est commercialisée durant l'été 2009. Lancée en décembre 1985, la première Taurus vient remplacer la cinquième génération de LTD, dont le nom remonte au milieu des années 1960. The engine is quite subdued during cruising, however; a slight wind whistle accounted for most of our test car's 71-dBA interior sound level at 70 mph. Powertrain choices were the same, though no manual transmission was offered. The Taurus doesn't quite have the assembly quality or the careful detail design of the best European cars, but are the small differences worth several thousand dollars?

The brake pedal's closeness to the driver's seat, which only emphasizes the brakes' touchiness.

Elle se caractérise par son design totalement différent par rapport à la génération précédente, et qui se rapproche du "Kinetic Design" des Ford européennes.

La Taurus dispose de quatre moteurs essences : Ces moteurs sont couplés à une boîte manuelle à cinq vitesses (3.0 SHO) ou automatique à quatre rapports. Nous sommes extrêmement heureux d'annoncer que la nouvelle application Wheel Size est désormais disponible sur le App Store! At the same time, the steering has a pronounced on-center feeling. The Taurus is competitive with European sedans as well. En 2006, Ford la retire de son offre, puis la réintroduit un an plus tard, sous la forme d'une Five Hundred restylée. The pickup choice speaks for itself, once Ford standardized what a pickup truck …

Presented here is Consumer Guide©’s original review of the 1986 Ford Taurus, as seen in Auto Test: 1986. The trunk volume is also generous and usefully shaped. Il perd ses formes carrées pour des courbes qui lui permettent de cacher sa grande taille (5,07 m, soit cinq centimètres de plus que la berline).

While sharing similar front and rear fascia designs with the Mondeo, the Taurus was styled with a formal rear roofline.

Although there won't be a Taurus or a Sable in my garage in the foreseeable future, I'm certainly looking forward to having a few hundred thousand of my kind of car on the road. [4], A facelift for the Changan Ford Taurus was introduced in August 2019, featuring restyled front and rear end designs and a new powertrain with a 2.0 liter turbo engine with 245 hp and 390 Nm mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Ford Taurus 1986 - Découvrez les ajustements correctes de jantes alliages, de Entraxe, de Déport et les différentes caractéristiques telles que les diamètre de perçage, les filetages et les alésages pour Ford Taurus 1986. There is a distinct toggle-switch action when you turn the wheel off the straight-ahead position, and you can feel the pressure build in your hands as the front tires go to work in a corner. Après dix ans d'absence, la SHO revient dans la gamme Taurus.

The gas pedal's oversensitivity at low speeds.

Though most people will agree that the Ford pickup is a pretty big deal, history hasn’t been as kind to the Taurus—which I find strange. The rear passengers are treated to a comfortable, chair-high bench and commodious footwells under the front seats. - V6 3 496 cm³, 288 ch - V6 3 496 cm³ EcoBoost, 365 ch

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