Almost Godardian in its political and thematic density and self-reflexivity, the film ambitiously explores the notions of fiction and reality and history and memory in the wake of the demise of radicalism. FAQ

Although intimidating in its great running time, it is probably his most straightforward and accessible of the group. The first is a biography of anarchist Sakae Osugi which follows his relationship with three women in the 1920s. One of the most stunning b&w movie I’ve seen. Look at that backdrop. “Spring, March, survivors of the Massacre, we dance among flowers.”Rules are meant to be broken.

Não poderia ser diferente, Yoshida encabeça – junto a Nagisa Oshima – a Nouvelle Vague Japonesa.

That’s why the New Waves occured.

Eros + Massacre is the first installment of his thematically connected, but unofficial “Japanese Radicalism Trilogy”.

In the 20's, the anarchist revolutionary Sakae Osugi (Toshiyuki Hosokawa) is financially supported by his wife, the journalist Itsuko Masaoka (Yûko Kusunoki) and spends his time doing nothing but philosophizing about political systems and free love and shagging his lovers Yasuko (Masako Yagi) and the earlier feminist Noe Ito (Mariko Okada). This film is so so brilliant, from cinematographic artistry to the execution of dialogues, literally from every perspective, yes, it is poetic cinema.

These three films are united by their political and free love themes. Past and present and future on the same frame so they can happen all at once, all their light laid on top of itself bathing everything in this haze of overexposure, the world blown out. Basis for future review:A radical biopic where characters are constantly obstructed by walls and strange angles. The evolution of radical thought over time is one that descends into normality as we accept such views on a cultural level.

CAHIERS: And Mizoguchi’s films, don’t you think that they deal directly with politics? People passionate about film sought to change…. The central figure of the movie, Sakae Ōsugi (1885-1923) was a radical anarchist intellectual known for his beliefs in ethical egoism and free love. If anything, it shook my perceptions of the biopic format. Look at this fucking poster. But this will be an attempt, for what it is worth, at an unmistakably subjective level. Japon Yeni Dalgası'ndan çok sağlam bir film.Özgürlük, aile, ahlaki normlar, aşk ve anarşizm gibi kavramlara anarşist Sakae Osugi'nin yaşamı üzerinden eğilen Yoshida gerçeküstü anlatım tarzı, çarpıcı diyalogları, asimetrik ve etkileyici kadrajlarıyla çok güçlü bir işe imza atmış.Entelektüel derinliği olan film modernizm, kadınlık, cinsellik vb. What possible way to describe this masterpiece?

This isn't a film.

The Battle of Chile Part One represents all three parts.

The Most Comprehensive List of Japanese Movies Ever...Maybe, The Weirdo's Videostore (aka The Weirdos Paradise), See You at Mao's: the theory and praxis of class struggle, class consciousness, anti-imperialism, national liberation, people's war, radical feminism, and cultural revolution.

then i bought a coffee from across the street and watched this at my desk instead of working. Kinda felt the same way I did with my first viewing of Lawrence Of Arabia because I watched the 170 minute version and it still felt kinda long tho. | Considered a masterpiece of filmmaking, this 60’s arthouse feature carries a powerful message behind it. (this is all looking at the historic trends of the 20th-century generally-speaking, and not one that endorses a teleological premise. Noe was a writer who became Osugi Sakae's, an anarchist revolutionary and writer, lover.

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