Since 1984, Ernie Ball Music Man has been crafting instruments in San Luis Obispo, California.

The company is most well-known for its electric and bass guitars.Determined to maintain a reputation for quality, the Music Man company largely produces high-end guitars, especially after being acquired by Ernie Ball in 1984. The number of designs rapidly increased, and 15 of the 28 pages from the 1976 catalogue were dedicated to amplification.

1999 Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 5 H 2010 - Black - 5 String Bass. Sterling Ball, alongside his sons Brian and Scott, combine the laser precision of robotics and old-world hand craftsmanship to develop innovative instrument designs that push the boundaries of performance and playability. A graphite-neck StingRay Bass debuted in 1980. Ernie Ball Music Man Steve Morse Signature Electric Guitar - Blue Burst.
In 2008, Music Man released the Bongo 6, its first six-string bass. This bass features a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with "moon"-shaped inlays and a four-band active EQ powered by an 18V supply.

This is number 90/150.

Ernie Ball Music Man Artist Series Dustin Kensrue StingRay Guitar - Dark Satin Tobacco Burst Model: 826-DK-10-01. Sterling Ball had previously said "We won't be making any six-string basses unless a high-profile player asks for one," until John Myung (Dream Theater) collaborated on the prototype Bongo. The JPX, introduced 2010, is a variant of the John Petrucci signature model, commemorating the ten-year collaboration with Petrucci.

Music Man launched[when?] The instruments were made at CLF and shipped to Music Man's warehouse, where each instrument was inspected and tested. We also share information about your use of our site with our trusted social media, advertising, and analytics partners. Stunning figured 5A quilt maple top hand-stained with a translucent orange finish. ", Some of the models manufactured by Music-Man are:[9], Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company, "Some "Music Man" History From George Fullerton", "Welcome to the All New Sterling by Music Man Website", "NEW!!

Featuring a 9 volt preamp and alnico pickups. Given this climate, the StingRay guitar was quietly dropped from the line.

208-CP-50-01-CS-BM. Since Music Man didn't pay CLF Research until the instrument finishes were deemed acceptable, a rift developed between CLF and Music Man over payment. This agreement continued until 2008. 208-35-10-01-CS-CR. Ernie Ball Music Man improved their visibility in the guitar market with a succession of new guitar models, largely player-endorsed, including the Silhouette (1986), Steve Morse Signature (1987), Eddie Van Halen Signature/Axis model (1990),[3] Albert Lee Signature (1993), Steve Lukather Signature (1993), the John Petrucci six and seven-string guitars (1999). One-third of the then-current workforce of 226 people got a raise. $3,199.00.

Music Man. We also share information about your use of our site with our trusted social media, advertising, and analytics partners. Sterling Ball commented that, due to the quickly growing $1,000+ segment of the guitar industry, there were fewer and fewer SUBs in production each year.

A contract was given to Grover Jackson to build bass bodies and assemble the instruments with CLF necks and the remaining CLF hardware. Low sales stressed the staff. Find a dealer in your area to get started with your order, Get our official newsletter for news, updates, and special offers. These rare pieces are offered in limited production runs and allow us to present instruments to the public that were previously reserved for family and our loyal artists.

Absolute dead mint/like-new condition. The new body shape has a slightly thinner upper horn and a more symmetric bridge end profile. Produced at the same facilities as the Music Man models, the major defining factors of the SUB were a non-angled "slab" body finished with a textured paint that didn't call for polishing, as well as necks with a matte painted back instead of the "oil and wax" finish applied to the higher-end models. Music Man.

Music Man is an American guitar and bass guitar manufacturer. You may unsubscribe at anytime. Fender also operated a consulting firm, CLF Research, in Fullerton, California. When CLF stopped making necks Jackson made those also. The Sabre guitar soldiered on until 1984.
not typically thought of as "tone woods") to keep production costs low.[5]. Problems with fibers in the finish caused Music Man's inspectors to reject a high percentage of the instruments, and return them to CLF for refinishing. $2,799.00. Ball's partner in this company was George Fullerton.

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The Bongo was made available with four or five strings, in fretted or fretless and left-handed versions, with the choice of HS (humbucker/single-coil), HH (dual humbuckers), and H (single humbucker, the traditional Music Man setup) pickup configurations and a pickup blend pot for ultimate versatility. It is a division of the Ernie Ball corporation. Walker approached Leo Fender about financial help in the founding.

the Bass Player Live Deluxe Classic Collection, with elements of the first Music Man basses — a two-band EQ, a chrome trussrod wheel, vintage skinny fret wire and nut, and hardened steel bridge plate with "Classic" stainless steel saddles and adjustable mute pads, 7.5" radius neck — with modern details such as a six-bolt neck mounting. 2003 saw the introduction of the Music Man Bongo Bass, the result of a partnership with DesignworksUSA, a design firm better known for its work with BMW. Add to Cart. Since 1984, the Ball Family has been dedicated to building the finest instruments in the world.

In 1974, the company started producing its first product, an amplifier designed by Leo Fender and Tom Walker called the "Sixty Five," a hybrid of tube and solid-state technology that players characterized as "loud as hell."

Sign up for the Ernie Ball mailing list. Music Man responded by licensing its designs to HHI/Davitt & Hanser, launching OLP (Officially Licensed Products) to give Music Man market coverage in this price point.

Was: Previous Price C $1,699.22 15% off. Lightweight African Mahogany body in an exclusive Turquoise Crush Sparkle finish. Forum Actions: View this forum's RSS feed; Forum Statistics: Threads: 344; Posts: 3,205; Last Post: Elmer Ferrer New Album / 2019. by .

22 fret neck with rosewood fingerboard featuring hand-fitted white binding. Sign up for the Ernie Ball mailing list. [4] Basses included the RAY34/RAY35 (StingRay 4- and 5-string copies) and the SB14 (Sterling copy).

2mdude. Rosewood fingerboard with ornate pearloid block inlays. In 1975, Fender's legal restriction expired and, after a vote of the board, he was named the president of Music Man. Buy It Now. Music Man.

Ernie Ball Music Man Classic StingRay 4 Bass Guitar w/Maple Fingerboard - Vintage Sunburst Model: 120-71-30-01. A redesigned guitar bearing the same name followed. Watch the factory tour and see how the difference is in the details. It is a division of the Ernie Ball corporation.

900-72-20-01-CS-CR. It was called the Cutlass and the two pickup variant, the Cutlass II. Savings were realized largely from reduced production time, as opposed to cutting the quality of the wood, hardware, or electronics, allowing the SUB lines to achieve their price-point without loss of quality. The company's internal conflicts caused Leo Fender to form another partnership: In an interview conducted by Gav Townsing, George Fullerton offers this scenario: In November 1979, Leo had enough of Music Man's pressure and the ties were cut. Beautifully figured roasted maple neck with black Music Man tuning machines. From United States.

A family-owned, American instrument manufacturer in San Luis Obispo, CA since 1974. He cited the need to attract and retain high quality employees, and the moral responsibility to provide his employees with a decent income.

October 31. The StingRay Bass featured a single large humbucking pickup (located somewhat toward but not adjacent to the bridge) with a two-band fixed-frequency EQ. The 1976 catalogue shows the first offerings: a two-pickup guitar, the StingRay 1, and the StingRay bass. Shop Ernie Ball Music Man guitars, including signature models by John Petrucci, St. Vincent, James Valentine, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, and Albert Lee. Pre-Owned. Music Man's remaining physical assets were sold on June 1, 1984. The Ball family is the last of a dying breed, a family business making guitars and basses exclusively in the United States. The neck was made by Modulus. Neither it, nor the new translucent finishes, were able to turn the financial tide and by 1984 the company was near bankruptcy.

The basses featured a distinctive 3+1 tuner arrangement to help eliminate "dead spots," while the guitars came with a traditional, Fender-style 6-on-a-side tuner array. Only 1 Left Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass SSS Guitar - Gold . Introduced in 2018, the Stingray Special series includes revamped versions of the StingRay and StingRay 5 basses with new pickups and an 18-volt preamp.[7]. As a replacement for the OLP instruments, the company developed an in-house line of guitars and basses. 2015", Example of vintage Music Man StingRay bass guitar,, Guitar manufacturing companies of the United States, Articles with a promotional tone from October 2018, Articles needing additional references from December 2007, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Vague or ambiguous time from November 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 August 2020, at 22:29. Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special HH Bass Guitar - Burnt Apple with Maple Fi. You may unsubscribe at anytime. Add to Cart. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Determined to maintain a reputation for quality, the Music Man company largely produces high-end guitars, especially after being acquired by Ernie Ball in 1984.

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