Some choose to use the lithium batteries as they use less space for the same power. I do not want to make light of this part of the build as it is dangerous and could be expensive if you wire it up wrong. This was not that simple, I had to put the motor in place many time during the mock up to get this right. This is how I went about building this Electric Jeep.

The first video shows the common components in an EV.2. How to Build a 72 Volt Electric Vehicle – Car / Jeep: Introduction1. Don’t forget there are brand new EV cars that are coming out that will cost you a little more than $20,000 after all of the incentives.

The mid-sized Jeep Cherokee (XJ) was made from 1984 to 2001. Like I said the original designed worked but was louder and the motor was too small. When deciding what voltage EV to build there are so many variables that I could not possibly list them here. Some variations are Spiral, Glass Matt, 6, 8 12 volt and much more. Here is a list of sites I liked or had some good insight to building an EV. - Many builds and specifications - My favorite EV’s bike build (I used an Alltrax controller, use the site for your controller)Sites I used to purchase items for my EVhttp://www.EVDrives.comhttp://www.electricmotorsport.comwww.craigslist.org Inland Empire Driveline. What do you want this vehicle for?

On the Alltrax web site I found a schematic for the controller the Curtis PB-6 0-5K ohm potentiometer. Depending on the voltage, the wire and wire lugs will have to be thick enough not to melt. I used a site named to get the parts list I wanted as they did all of the work for me (see ).
Then you have Lithium which if you want lighter weight and longer distance you may want to use Lithium batteries. I welded new motor mounts and place it in the vehicle. The batteries are the first variable. Do some research to decide what motor you want to use. They will be engineered to a higher degree that most people can get close to at home. I would like to use Lithium batteries but they have not got to the point I can afford them yet. The more you are mechanically inclined the easier this is. I also knew I needed a reverse protection diode from the schematic so I ordered all of the parts that I needed at once. I don’t want it to sound easy, it is very helpful if you can read the schematic or have a friend who can. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.”, Copyright 2019 DIYEV, Inc | All Rights Reserved | Another 3 Shades of Blue Web Design. This allows the motor to be locked in place and the rear-end to move up and down and the drive shaft can absorb the slack (pretty cool). Save Share. I wanted an older vehicle without power steering, power brakes and as simple as possible to work on. Based on the types of batteries you have you must have the correct charger. Brilliant instructable. For Lead acid batteries you can get a single charger or a charger for each battery. My budget is around 3k, this is the cost of a low end used car. Remember that if you have a simple car that does not have power brakes and power steering you will save some time as these components take special consideration and knowledge/research. I hope to add to those who have gone ahead of me and built, shared and motivated me to build an EV.

Electric vehicle conversion battery packs. 2) Motor – Plan on spending between $400-$3000 depending on if you want a new or used and other variables. I chose an Alltrax 7245 Controller. The third video is the original Jeep with the Chain drive, notice how loud it is.I decided to build an electric… 1. I think I still would have rebuilt it the way I have it now because the new build is so much quitter and have fewer parts that can break. Add or subtract modules for more or less distance, Small trucks (Personal vehicle at 1,000 lbs payload). At this point I had a clue of what I wanted to do and how much money I wanted to spend. I was thinking about converting my old CJ7 to electric. Then I started another document with my parts list. You should understand what you are doing so read and ask questions. I do not have a lot of experience building a car from scratch and I was able to do this.

it's a pain just to learn basic circuits can anyone direct me to a good website to learn engines and circuits. It was under power and burned up after a short while. Few vehicles are as important to American exceptionalism as the Jeep, and many would consider converting a 1969 Jeep CJ5 to an electric car as heresy.

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