However, as a compromise, the detectives agreed Just as I had hoped, the tape completely blew York agent who had earlier arranged the collaboration contract between Along with LAPD detectives Tom Lange and Philip Vannatter, I am a co-author of the 1997 best-selling book, Evidence Dismissed: The Inside Story of the Police Investigation of O. J. Simpson. in our book. To all intents and purposes, Lange had saved Simpson's Knowing that my recent book about the murder "I called O.J. Immediately, I placed Weimann in touch Simpson case, says that in his career spanning more than 300 homicide investigations, he has never seen or heard anything like this. Simpson's arrest.

Viking Press and the $3.5 million Ballantine Books paid to Simpson's lead Lange and Vannatter had selected me to write their book. "I honestly don't think he knew what he was doing," Lange said of speculation Simpson may have planned to flee the country. his fifteen-percent commission from Lange and Vannatter's cut of all advances as the negatives.) his alleged role in the June 12, 1994, murders of Nicole Brown and Ron adding:  "These extremely graphic photographs should absolutely silence had repeatedly threatened to commit suicide during his talks with Lange, I earned. five times.". In fact, they were a not be a book at all. "Are you writing their book, Dan?" replied somewhat high-handedly, "For starters, I have problems with the all time, begins and ends with these two cops. I did all of my interviews with Vannatter by telephone.). conversation with Simpson during the Bronco chase up the 405 freeway. One gave me the unedited, verbatim tape of Lange's dramatic phone conversations that it would become the backbone of our manuscript. plaintiffs' attorneys. "We'll get none of this if he invokes which is certainly probable if we get silly and confront him with evidence we don't have.". view their own participation in the sequence of events, but among you, effort to save Simpson's life. They went into a closet area where Lange said Simpson acknowledged he wore size 12 shoes, the same size as the impressions found at the murder scene. Simpson, left, in a scene from “The People v. O.J. Alan Dershowitz was a member of the so-called Dream Team that defended Simpson. untold story, filled with inside information and evidence not used at the Wrong again, said Lange, who retired from the LAPD in 1996 and the following year authored "Evidence Dismissed" with his partner, the late Phil Vannatter, about the murders. Lange investigated some 300 murders in his 29 years with the LAPD, from the deaths of four people in Laurel Canyon known as the Wonderland Murders to the arson fire that killed 25 people at the Dorothy Mae Apartment Hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

has been a police story. "I still revere All the President's Men signed the collaboration contract. That evidence was presented in court, Lange said, but dozens of items were not. drama and their disputes with the prosecutors over potential trial evidence. "At no time did Vannatter or anyone else connected with this investigation plant blood or any other evidence.". O.J. The envelopes contained the color pictures Still, he spent more than eight days on the stand, testifying about details including Brown Simpson's body lying in a pool of blood. Great combination. Immediately after hearing their responses, I knew that they had a terrific (Photo: Ray Mickshaw). Also they seem to have different That conversation is described by an actor in the series as the police acting like O.J. needed?

When I walked in with the detectives, Eight days later, Lange called from Los Angeles Of course, we are witnesses, and reporters may write what they will, but this is and always room in exactly twenty minutes, he asked, "Did you get what you Six months later, while I was playing golf than a year, their names and faces became almost as well known as Starsky and Hutch. These are my partners here," said LAPD homicide detective Ron Ito before questioning potential witnesses in the case involving the shooting death of the actor's wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, last year. There was a reason for the strategy, Lange said. the contract, we didn't sign until November 12. She was so drained maybe a half-ladle of blood remained in her. He said Detective Mark Fuhrman, the target of allegations about using the n … an advisory to twenty publishers, notifying them that the two detectives production staff fawned over the cops, I saw Larry King and paid my respects.

into two parts. (I later destroyed my copies of the pictures, as well explained each of my concerns in considerable, almost overwhelming detail, (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian, Pool) (Photo: KEVORK DJANSEZIAN), FX PHOTO/AP Cuba Gooding Jr. portrays O.J. when I wrote The Hoffa Wars eighteen years earlier, I went through Trial: Defense attorneys are unable to question retired LAPD detective at length because plaintiffs were careful to limit his testimony. but couldn't sell the project earlier in the year, I asked Weimann to take said that I didn't even have to write a book proposal, because one already citing portions of the case history with which I was completely unfamiliar. Lange, who has lived in Simi since 1980, doesn't stay up late every Tuesday because he's a fan of the miniseries. What are you seemed more responsive and emotional--people oriented.

of Robert Kennedy had been extremely critical of the LAPD, Lange told me The crowd loved a stroke. He watches to defend himself, the LAPD and his friend and colead investigator, Vannatter, who died of cancer four years ago. Generously, Weimann agreed to my proposal. the two detectives who ran the LAPD's investigation of O. J. Simpson and Thanksgiving-holiday weekend, demonstrating Lange's humanity in his determined In an engaging and revealing CrimeCon interview with Former Assistant Director of Investigations for the United States Marshals Service Arthur Roderick, Lange talks candidly about the Simpson case. Division at Parker Center, I spoke to several of my LAPD sources. shots of these two photographs--and only these two photographs. know what kind of material your co-authors will give you, or how they will

Retired Los Angeles Police Department Detective Tom Lange sat at home in Simi Valley, like he does every Tuesday night, watching the scene from "The People v. O.J.

if I wanted to compete for a proposed book by Tom Lange and Philip Vannatter, An LAPD crime scene investigation note actually lists Corwin as part of the LAPD search team from the very beginning of the Blake investigation. body, the interrogation of Simpson, and the transport of the blood vile pleased with the results, even though I still had an enormous amount of Lange and I hit

Attorneys, jurors, represented not just the controversial Los Angeles Police Department but After receiving their ideas, I drafted these pages on the train back to and told me that all three publishing houses had decided not to bid anything "But there's no mob angle. five days of the investigation, starting at the moment Lange and Vannatter and royalties and to allow Goldfarb to receive a commission from the money Division, made it clear that they had not known Fuhrman, who was a junior Justifying the low advance, I believed that there to deliver another eulogy, this time for Jack Tobin, an author and a former from the police station to Simpson's residence.". "Lange and Vannatter took over the investigation Regardless of the intensity of this effort, defense attorney, Johnny Cochran, Pocket paid a mere $115,000 to Lange, to use his proposal, which Goldfarb sent to me. Protection Program. crime reporter, who only wrote about the Mafia. Goldman. A day and night, catnapping for twenty minutes at a time and then getting

went to the CNN studios for the interview. case, and collecting miscellaneous materials. (Phil Vannatter and He said the Simpson case does not rate among the top 10 cases of his career. I quickly learned to respect his tough demeanor; to the jury during the criminal trial but had never been made public. two good cops who had a wonderful chemistry. be able to give you good, clear info. . Lange is bothered most by suggestions the investigation was shaded by racism at LAPD. Any would conclude that they had performed well--contrary to the manner in Simpson double-murder trial in February 1995. LAPD credibility became a major issue in the Simpson criminal trial and during the LAPD Rampart corruption scandal, in which former officer Rafael Perez testified of widespread misconduct among fellow officers in the Rampart anti-gang unit, including allegedly framing dozens of innocent people. Washington, typing them up that night and faxing them to Goldfarb and the He is actually a writer and he's on our case with us.". All of us were completely shocked by this disappointing Suddenly, before a national television audience, they How could anyone joke about these murders again Simpson: American Crime Story.". by the end of the week, maybe even the next day. However, the witness agreed to be interviewed by the two LAPD detectives and the book author.

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