In general, the copyright owner is the author of the article. Washington continues to be criticized for assuming it was safe to go to Tyson's room and for subsequently reporting the account to police. The organization's official position is that Tyson should receive a suspended sentence in his rape conviction. "Your concern about your bodies and how males inflict pain on you has to be subordinated until the racial problem is resolved.

Analysis of Desiree Washington's Interview Concerning Mike Tyson The following is the analysis of Barbara Walters' t.v. She put me in that state, where I don't know," Tyson said. and then, when I was leaving, and he asked me to stay, I said, 'Why, so you can do this to me again?' The interview appeared on the ABC News program "20/20" on February 21, 1992, and transcripts can be obtained from ABC News. In the end, the jury found Desiree Washington to be a credible woman who was telling the truth. "He told me, 'I just want to stop up and get something,' " she said. She was raped by Mike Tyson in an Indianapolis hotel room. Washington's supporters, however, were convinced that she was a young, inexperienced and naive girl. Right now she appears to be a real champion, a decent person who stood by her convictions, a true role model for, among others, blacks and whites, men and women, rich and poor. "I just hate her guts. Around 2:00 a.m., Tyson sent his limousine to her hotel to pick her up. There was no evidence presented in the piece to back up that ringing indictment of those two black jurors. "I really wish I did now. Sports of The Times; A Champ Named Desiree.

The interview will be shown Thursday night on "The Pulse" on the Fox network. Tyson told Washington that he forgot something at his hotel and asked her to come up to his room while he retrieved it. During the trial, the group sponsored a rally for Tyson in Indianapolis on the day that his accuser, Desiree Washington, completed her testimony on the witness stand. In her 911 call to police, "[she expressed] her fears that no one would believe her or that they would think that she was just after money.". But now I really do want to rape her.". When Tyson asked her out and she gave him her hotel room phone number, the game began. In a television interview scheduled for broadcast Thursday, Tyson again denied he raped Desiree Washington in 1991 in an Indianapolis hotel room. Tyson told Washington that he forgot something at his hotel and asked her to come up to his room while he retrieved it. What is left out is the strength of character of a young, 5-foot-4-inch, 108-pound black woman named Desiree Washington. Whether Tyson's pledge to give $5 million to the Baptist organization has anything to do with its actions remains a question in parts of the black community and elsewhere. Washington resisted pressure to back down, and contending she had suffered mental anguish from the rape experience, pursued her case. Tyson left his original, white backers and embraced Don King who, as Playthell Benjamin suggested in The Village Voice, has received unfair treatment from the mostly white establishment press. Some of her fellow beauty contestants were divided, but a few came forward to aid the defense, saying Washington was, in effect, "a gold-digger," out for Tyson's money. It is leading a national petition drive to secure 100,000 signatures to try to influence the judge, Patricia J. Gifford, who is expected to pass sentence on the former heavyweight champion on March 27, in Indianapolis. He served three years of the sentence before being released on parole. Desiree Washington was Miss Black Rhode Island. ", Vernellia R. RandallFounder and EditorProfessor Emerita of LawThe University of Dayton School of Law. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

What is left out of all this is the possibility that justice was indeed served, that Tyson's accuser, a young woman in the Miss Black America beauty pageant, a Baptist, was in fact telling the truth, that she was brutally raped, that she came forth only because she worried that Tyson would do this to others and she didn't want that on her conscience. interview with Desiree Washington, who accused Mike Tyson of raping her. Desiree described her conversation with Mike Tyson after the rape: "He said, 'Don't you love me now?' 1 min read — -- Mike Tyson hasn't lost his penchant for saying the outrageous. Consequently, Tyson's supporters labeled Washington a vindictive, jealous woman. Here, too, their testimony contradicted statements they made earlier to investigators, prompting some observers at the trial to wonder if there was cattiness on their part or some other reason. Partial corroboration of Washington's story came via testimony from Tyson's chauffeur, Virginia Foster, who confirmed Desiree Washington's state of shock after the incident. "Don't cooperate with the Man in taking down a Brother, even if you think he is wrong, especially one who is a celebrity." The driver, Virginia Foster indicated: "She looked all frantic like she might have been in a state of shock. According to the part-time limousine driver, a public school guidance counselor who specialized in crisis intervention, and who took Tyson and Washington to Tyson's hotel, approximately an hour after Tyson and Washington left the limousine, she saw Washington rush out of the hotel. "He changed completely from a sweet, nice person into an animal, like a demon," she said.

Jemison heads the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc., the largest black Baptist denomination in the country, with some 8.5 million members.

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