© 2020 Cox Media Group. The Delta Aquarid meteor shower is an annual shower that can be seen from 12 July until 23 August. You have a chance to see some shooting stars July 28. July has already been full of space-related celebrations and history, but there’s one more big event in store: the Delta Aquarid meteor shower will peak at the end of July, and NASA meteor expert Dr. Bill Cooke has some advice for all the stargazers out there: “bring bug spray and get comfy.”. From July 12 to Aug. 23, you should be able to see at least one or two meteors on a good night, with the peak falling on July 30. A Meteor Shower and a Comet Grace the Sky Tonight. However, this event does favor the Southern Hemisphere, but can still be seen in mid-Northern latitudes. The Delta Aquarid meteor shower is an astronomical event whose radiant — the place where meteors appear to originate — lies in the constellation Aquarius. Since the radiant is above the southern horizon for Northern Hemisphere viewers, meteors will primarily fan out in all compass points, east, north and west. All Rights Reserved. However, there will be slightly more cloud cover Sunday night. The Delta Aquarid meteor shower technically lasts over a month, but the show will be most visible between July 29 and July 31. Check the weather forecast before heading out, too — nothing ruins a night of stargazing as quickly as cloudy skies.

The comet shed bits and pieces of itself when it comes near the sun, leaving a stream of debris.

"[4] This was confirmed in the 1952–1954 Harvard Meteor Project, via photographic observation of orbits. It was first noted in 1870 by a British astronomer named G. L. Tupman. The radiant point for Delta Aquariid shower is near the star Skat, or Delta Aquarii. Summer is peak season for meteor showers and according to NBC News, the Delta Aquarid meteor shower began July 12 and will be visible until Aug. 23, with the peak occurring in the early morning hours of July 28. Here’s everything you should know about the Delta Aquarid meteor shower. Observations of the (then unidentified) Delta Aquariids (δ Aquariids) were recorded by G. L. Tupman in 1870, who plotted 65 meteors observed between July 27 and August 6.

Just a few days later, on Aug. 1, there’s a … The Delta Aquarids meteor shower will be visible through late August It will be able to be viewed from a dark location after midnight The peak of the meteor shower will be the night of July 28-29, but some of these so-called "shooting stars" will already be visible streaking across the night sky. It occurs every year between mid-July and late August; this year, it falls between July 12 and Aug. 23. In October this same debris trail causes the Orionid meteor shower. Instead, you should plan on staying out and staring at the stars for at least a few hours.

The best time to view the Delta Aquariids will be Sunday night, between midnight and dawn on Monday morning. The brightness of a meteor depends on its size and speed as it falls — if the particles are both fast and large, you’ll likely see a much brighter result down on earth. The brightest ones will still be visible. Some meteors leave behind more or larger debris than others, sometimes resulting in more visible or longer-lasting meteor showers. This weekend in particular will be a great time to take a look at the sky, since you might even see a few meteors. Once at the venue, your eyes may … Her paper reported it as a broad "system of orbits" that are probably "connected and produced by one extended stream. (Photo: Alvis Upitis/Getty Images via NBC News) ... the Delta Aquarid meteor shower began July 12 and will be visible until Aug. 23, with the peak occurring in the early morning hours of July 28. Even so, you’ve got to be patient. The best time to see the shower will be around midnight through dawn. Your best bet is to get out to a place that has relatively little extra light interfering with the night sky. West Michigan reacts to death of Peter Secchia, The Filling Station closing after 10 years, reopening as Mr. Burger, Epsilon is the tenth hurricane of the 2020 hurricane season, Tokyo Olympics try to get word out about COVID-19 measures, West Ottawa cancels Friday football game due to COVID-19 quarantine, Kent GOP, local leaders react to death of Peter Secchia, Closest asteroid in years zooms past earth, First meteor shower of 2019 peaks Thursday night. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. The meteor shower will be visible Friday through Tuesday and will peak near July 28.

The Southern Delta Aquariid meteor shower seen over Hamakua, Hawaii. This was corrected later. Cooke says prime time to watch the Delta Aquarid meteor shower is during the pre-dawn hour. The Delta Aquariids get their name because their radiant appears to lie in the constellation … You have a chance to see some shooting stars July 28.

By using this website, you accept the terms of our Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policy, and understand your options regarding Ad Choices. The Delta Aquariids get their name because their radiant appears to lie in the constellation Aquarius, near one of the constellation's brightest stars, Delta Aquarii. We’ll have a new moon on Aug. 1, meaning there will be nice, dark skies under which to observe. But in the Northern Hemisphere, there will be fewer visible; likely about 10-15 per hour, Cooke says. But anytime between July 29 through July 31 will also be a good time to watch. Belt buckle leads to ID of ‘John Doe’ murder victim 35 years after discovery of remains, Netflix releases trailer for Chadwick Boseman’s final film, ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom', Woman hiking with children finds headless bear with paws missing. The average radiant is at RA=339°, DEC=−17°. He determined it to begin at RA=334.9°, DEC=−19.2° and end RA=352.4°, DEC=−11.8°. The name derives from the Latin possessive form "Aquarii", whereby the declension "-i" is replaced by "-ids" (hence Aquariids with two i's).

Debbie Lord, Cox Media Group National Content Desk, Crystal Bonvillian, Cox Media Group National Content Desk, Brianna Chambers, Cox Media Group National Content Desk, Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk. Use the hashtag #SkyWitness7. The showers occur every year between mid-July to late August. That means no cell phones or flashlights — or, if you need a flashlight, use one with a red color setting, which doesn’t disrupt our night vision. When meteors pass close to earth, they leave behind trails of dust and other particles. Halley’s Comet takes 76 years to orbit the Sun and will next be visible from Earth in 2061. The Delta Aquarids are a small to medium shower, reaching a peak rate of around 20 meteors per hour. [3] That was accomplished by astronomer Mary Almond, in 1952, who determined both accurate velocity and orbit of the δ Aquariids. Finding a dark place will be best when trying to view the shower. The Perseid meteor shower began July 17 and will last through Aug. 24, peaking Aug. 12. That’s Cooke’s second favorite meteor shower after the Geminids, which he says can sometimes have meteors that produce a green color. Here's How to Watch It. Learn about careers at Cox Media Group. MIAMI VALLEY — This weekend will be the perfect opportunity to stargaze as the Delta Aquarids meteor shower will be visible. Grab a couple friends and bring a blanket, sleeping bag, or yoga mat out to an area away from light and human activity. “But people will only be able to see them for a few nights.”. The radiant of the shower lies above the southern horizon and will reach its highest point around 3:30am – … The reason that the Delta Aquarids meteor shower is expected to be so good this year is mainly down to the moon. Bill Cooke, a meteor expert at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, tells NBC News that the best chance to see meteors is with a clear, dark sky and away from bright lights that would overwhelm the streaks of light produced by the meteors as they enter Earth's atmosphere and burn up. As comet NEOWISE gets dimmer in the night sky, the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower is gradually nearing its peak. There could be up to 10 meteors per hour visible! No one knows what comet the Aquariid meteors originate from with certainty, but the prevailing theory is that they come from Comet 96P Machholz, according to EarthSky. Stargazers, get ready! The peak of the meteor shower will be the night of July 28-29, but some of these so-called "shooting stars" will already be visible streaking across the night sky. Download it here. Earlier, it was thought to have originated from the Marsden and Kracht Sungrazing comets.[1]. “This is not something you go out after dinner and look to see,” he says. Use the hashtag #SkyWitness7.

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