She uses her teleportation abilities to warp to Iran and obtain a highly sought-after file containing the Iranian nuclear arsenal inventory as a gift to impress the otherwise terrified staff. Meanwhile, Waller sends people to locate the tomb in which June was possessed and find the spirit's "heart", the only thing capable of controlling it. Once the Suicide Squad arrives, Enchantress attempts to convince them to ally themselves with her to be granted their desires.

Initially under Amanda Waller's control, Enchantress was viewed as one of the candidates for Task Force X membership, but the malevolent witch swiftly escaped, freeing her brother Incubus and attempting to take over Earth with their combined mystical powers. She compounds her offer with telepathic visions placed into the minds of Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and El Diablo, but Diablo can power through his vision, having come to terms with his accidental murder of his family. Despite this, Enchantress was willing to allow certain humans, provided that they were useful or amusing, such as Deadshot or Harley Quinn to live and even was willing to make offers to them (such as her offer to Harley to resurrect her presumed deceased lover joker), provided they agreed to serve her in the new world.


Not before long June and Rick fall in love, fulfilling Waller's intention to attain leverage over both of them. Due to their incredible power, Enchantress and Incubus were worshiped as gods by ancient humans of Pre-Columbian South America but were ultimately betrayed by her subjects and somehow defeated and sealed away into containers, which, in turn, were placed inside a tomb of Tres Osos Caves for millennia.[2].

[1], Mind control | Possession | Sorcery | Suicide Squad | Supervillain | Witch. Amanda Waller had Rick Flag put together a special ops team called Task Force X - a veritable "Suicide Squad", whose primary mission was to stop the Enchantress. He said: ‘It was fun, playing those psychological games. Then, Rick Flag had the bomb she abandoned earlier detonate, killing both Diablo and incubus. Suicide Squad Monique Ganderton and Tara Macken were stunt doubles for Cara Delevingne in the role of Enchantress. She was a powerful witch whose essence was bound inside of an artifact inside of a cave. [2], A fallen Enchantress begs Katana to kill and thus reunite her in death with Incubus., The character of Enchantress was created by director and screenwriter, The DC Universe version of the Enchantress first appeared in, In the comics, June Moon was presented as a split personality, where as in. Waller is then given their authorization.[2]. Stuck for what to dress up as for Halloween? She tells him to wait and build up his powers. Affiliation(s)

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