Hyponatremia … Excessive consumption of beer in particular, which has a low solute content, may result in severe hyponatremia. Excessive consumption of beer in particular, which has a low solute content, may result in severe An unusual syndrome of hyponatremia was described in beer drinkers dating back to the early 1970s. Beer potomania, a unique syndrome of hyponatremia, was first reported in 1972. However, the intake of solutes is also necessary to excrete free water. The term beer potomania is used to describe a patient who presents with hyponatremia in conjunction with low daily solute intake and excessive beer drinking.

The normal human kidney, through suppression of anti-diuretic hormone, is normally able to excrete vast amounts of dilute urine. Beer potomania is an unusual syndrome of severe hyponatremia associated with excessive beer ingestion in the presence of alcohol use disorder and malnutrition. How does beer potomania work? 2 In beer potomania, electrolyte studies demonstrate hyponatremia, often with a critically low serum sodium level. Little or no salt content of beer results in marked reduction in the solute load to … This pathophysiological state results in patients at serious risk of rapid correction of hyponatremia and its … In the lack of proper solute intake, the amount of free water excretion can be severely limited. 3. Potomania induced by beer is sometimes referred to as beer drinker’s hyponatremia. The kidneys can dilute urine to a maximum of 50 mosm/L 1 First recognized in 1971, this cause of hyponatremia is not the most common but should be in the differential if the patient is a heavy alcohol imbiber who presents with encephalopathy and low serum sodium. 8 One of the admittedly rare causes of hyponatremia is beer potomania–the excessive consumption of beer in the absence of much food. •Beer potomania is an unusual cause of hyponatremia in excessive beer drinkers who have low daily solute intake. Without adequate solute intake, the normal functioning electrolyte gra… There are no specific diagnostic studies for beer potomania. Thus a normal adult can drink up to 20 liters per day of water without becoming hyponatremic. The syndrome “beer potomania” is used to describe a patient who presents with hyponatremia in conjunction with low daily solute intake and excessive beer drinking. From 10% to 35% of hospitalized patients are found to have some degree of hyponatremia, the most common electrolyte abnormality. Under normal circumstances, this is clinically irrelevant. The first case of severe hyponatremia, since referred to as beer potomania, in a heavy beer drinker patient was reported in 1972. It is described as the excessive intake of alcohol, particularly beer, together with poor dietary solute intake that leads to fatigue, dizziness, and muscular weakness. 7 In a 2009 study of over 98,000 hospitalized patients, even mild hyponatremia increased in-hospital, 1-year, and 5-year mortality.

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