This is called a Bounding Box. Drag a bounding box handle to resize or re-shape the shape. They are a great way to save time and maximize the impact of your artwork.

Create bold vector elements and composite them into photos to create a fun fashion photomontage. Click Align To and choose Align To Artboard to align the objects to the artboard. Now you move all these flower shapes into position. So, click the headline text at the top here.

Shift-drag to erase in a straight line. Sascha Preuß teaches the art of designing colourful cartoon characters and reveals the principles of cuteness.

This is a very simple process that breaks down into 3 easy-to-follow steps. Specifying values can ensure precision and also lets you see a shape's dimensions and any transformations already applied to that shape. You can open this file from the practice files if you'd like to follow along. To erase, select the Eraser tool on the Tools panel on the left. Press Escape to stop editing and regroup the objects. When it's in place release the mouse button and then the key. TIP: If you have trouble locating any given color and what part of the artwork it colors, go back to the “Assign” button and click on the little magnifying glass icon near the bottom right of this scrolling list and you will be able to click on any color in this list and it will appear in color in your Illustrator document. So, press and drag across the green handles here to erase part of them. Hone your character design skills with this Illustrator vector art tutorial from onesidezero. Select a single object. Drag the larger sail shape down to align it with the smaller sail. Now, put the wing back where it was, choose Edit, Undo Move. So, with the circle still selected click this option to constrain the Width and Height, meaning if you change one value the other changes proportionally. Create a hip graphic portrait from a photo using Photoshop and Illustrator. Press Esc to exit Isolation Mode and click in a blank area to deselect the sail, then click back on the sail to select the entire group. That way you don't have to move it when you're done rotating.

I know it's hard to tell but this path is now cut into two different length paths.

As you create in Illustrator you'll most likely need to align content in your design, whether for a website, poster, or other. Now, to start, you’ll group this bird artwork together. Select a shape. This is something that’s particularly useful if you’re doing something like finalizing logo files for yourself or a client. That's because the line isn't selected. Grouping artwork can help keep content organized and make it easier to select artwork like a logo or this bird that contains several smaller objects. Karol Gadzala shows you how. If you want to undo what you did you can always choose Edit, Undo Eraser and then try it again. Choose View > Zoom In to magnify the artwork if necessary. To move this point, click and release in the corner to set the reference point or where it will rotate around now.

Now, to do that you'll cut this single path into three separate paths using the Scissors tool, so you can delete the middle path. In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, I will walk you through and around the Recolor Artwork feature set and how I use it to adjust and change the colors of multiple pieces of complex artwork in Illustrator.

So, click to select the text in the center here. To select one object in a group you can isolate the group, so you can edit the individual objects.

Then click to select that wing again. As you drag you'll see magenta lines appear, the line you see in the middle of the shape means it's staying aligned with its original position. To resize this bird group, press the Shift key and drag a corner of the group to scale the bird and make it smaller. Click over here to cut the path on the right and there are now three paths. Unfortunately, if you try to align these two objects to each other the lower text object will move up to align to the uppermost text object, this one. This yellow flower shape would look better if it was a little bit larger, so you'll resize this artwork from its center because it's already in the correct position. After you're finished release the Shift key and drag across the rest of the green handle shapes in the middle to remove them.

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