The mystery deepens when a survivor is miraculously located in the middle of the ocean. This image released by Peacock shows Archie Panjabi as Kendra Malley in a scene from "Departure." Obviously, the weather is gorgeous and it’s a little more laidback.

“You go on this journey where you’re just so unsure of what could be the cause. ‘People were besotted with Kalinda,’ says Archie, ‘and her fanbase seemed to be from all walks of life. Either PG Tips or Fortnum & Mason’s on special days. On the series, a co-production between Canada and the U.K. that aired in 2019 internationally, Archie Panjabi of “The Good Wife” plays Kendra Malley, an …

By Lina Das. Kendra’s boss and mentor, Howard Lawson, is played by Christopher Plummer. We meet in the bar of a hotel in Los Angeles and while the other guests around us are chatting loudly, Archie speaks so softly it’s a strain to catch what she’s saying. “I can’t say too much, but it’s exciting — and there are lots of surprises.”. The world has changed so much since the first season wrapped that Panjabi is not entirely sure how it will be greeted now.

Archie is an Emmy Award winning British actress best known for her role as Kalinda Sharma in The Good Wife, for which she was nominated for an Emmy three times in a row and went on to to be honored with a Golden Globe Nomination. Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. On Peacock’s six-part series “Departure,” Panjabi is the star opposite Christopher Plummer and Claire Forlani.

In those days she was allowed to bring the kids home for a treat and although I knew they were different, I couldn’t pinpoint why and after a while, I didn’t even see it. He’s brilliant at what he does, and he’s great fun on set as well.”. © 2019 - All rights reserved! But I was going for roles and not getting them.’ Wasn’t that harsh advice for a teenager? Rejection may have been valuable for Archie, but it certainly hasn’t been a recurring theme in her career. All I can say is, thank goodness for Spanx, Russell Crowe was fun and naughty.

Maybe they’ll run away from it.

‘When they discover that their youngest member is involved with a dangerous group it tears them apart.

‘It was my agent who told me at 13 that I needed to lose weight. Panjabi is certainly helping her name recognition levels these days: The actor, who earned a supporting Emmy for her work on “The Good Wife,” is back on American screens this month, but this time as the star. Amidst an ever-more-crowded universe for streaming services. ‘It’s very refreshing to see a mixed marriage that isn’t about a culture clash,’ says Archie. NEW YORK — Though she’s making a name for herself, actor Archie Panjabi still gets a kick out of it when strangers ask for her and clearly don’t anticipate what they’re getting. “You go on this journey where you’re just so unsure of what could be the cause. It just dropped off during that time.’, After her on-screen debut in London’s Burning in 1993 and her standout role in East is East came the 2002 hit Bend It Like Beckham, which catapulted its stars, including Keira Knightley, to fame. ‘I only look at the personality. ‘I only look at the personality. I think it’s so difficult to tell.”.

She plays a brilliant aviation investigator and single mom who is called in to solve the strange disappearance of a jetliner en route to London.

“There could be even more interest than maybe it would normally get because of what we’re going through. In fact, when I was on The Good Wife, I suggested that Jack play my husband [the part eventually went to Marc Warren], so I was delighted when he was cast in Next of Kin.

“The attitude on set is we assume that everybody in the room has it so we have to take precautions with everybody that we’re in contact with,” she adds. “As a child growing up, I never felt I would have that opportunity because there weren’t that many roles for somebody like me leading a show. “She was the best women for the job.”. The Peacock streaming platform will launch the American premiere of “Departure’’ on Thursday, and it will air in Canada on Oct. 8 on Corus’ Global Television. It wasn’t bad, but let’s just say his jokes were better.’.

Having first captured the attention of British audiences in her breakout role as football-mad Meenah in the acclaimed 1999 indie movie East is East, she has gone from strength to strength, playing the feisty sister to Parminder Nagra’s football-playing lead in Bend It Like Beckham, before starring with Angelina Jolie in A Mighty Heart as well as opposite Russell Crowe in the comedy A Good Year. She has a game scene partner in Plummer, whose now-decadelong third or fourth act audiences are lucky to have a chance to witness; his insinuating velvetiness placed in counterpoint to Panjabi’s steel spine makes for a drama that punches above its weight. “It’s dealing with a different type of accident and its more character-driven. These days, she’s on the set of “Departure” and it’s completely different from the last time.

The Peacock streaming platform will launch the American premiere of "Departure'' on Thursday, and it will air in Canada on Oct. 8 on Corus’ Global Television.

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‘It didn’t work out and I was devastated not to get it, but facing that rejection at a young age was a good thing.

I had a crush on Nick Berry [who played Wicksy] so I wrote to him,’ she says – and to her surprise, he actually wrote back, ‘which only made the crush develop even further’. In addition to the loss on the plane, her character is trying to process the death of her husband.

Games Inbox: What is Bethesda’s best game? "They’re always pleasantly amused when I tell them Archie is me.”. I think it’s so difficult to tell.”. Panjabi calls the series, which was inspired in part by missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, “highly bingeworthy.”, “It’s everybody’s worst nightmare to have a member of family or somebody that you love on a flight and the flight goes missing,” she says. But relatives and people within my community liked her.

‘I think my getting involved probably goes back to my mum wanting to help children with disabilities.

‘Well, I try to be healthier out here,’ she says. After the surveillance drama “The Capture,” the streamer dives once again into sinister crime stories with “Departure,” a drama that will hook those who seek from their viewing a charge of adrenaline, if not always the most rigorously challenging of mysteries.

Unlike “Lost” or NBC’s more recent hit “Manifest,” there’s no supernatural element to “Departure,” but there’s still endless possibilities for what happened to the plane. “The second season is different — you see a growth in Kendra compared to Season 1,” Panjabi says.

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I was worried that it would be seen as something bad. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. Will a disaster show during a disaster fall flat? DO YOU LIKE TO RECEIVE TRENDY NEWS AND UPDATE AROUND THE WORLD? We worked together for seven weeks and formed a good friendship. Having their support gave me real confidence, and having the blessing of your parents is one less thing to worry about, so you can go off and pursue your dreams.’, Archie got a degree in management studies from London’s Brunel University while, having secured her agent thanks to the sound career advice of Nick Berry, pursuing her acting dreams. It definitely toughened me up.’, Archie opposite Jack Davenport in Next of Kin.

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