On the Blur Busters UFO test, the test patterns showed only the slightest blur at the 120fps test pattern, an impressive result.

AOC AGON AG493UCX 49" Curved Immersive Gaming Monitor, Dual QHD 5120x1440 @ 120Hz, VA Panel, 1ms 120Hz Adaptive-Sync, 121% sRGB, Height Adjustable, 4-Yr Zero Dead Pixels Guarantee,Black/Silver This is the Agon you have been dreaming of, the AG493UCX curved gaming monitor is a beast when it comes to immersive gaming and multitasking performance. Motion blur reduction strobes the backlight to insert a black image between each frame of video and to reduce time each frame is displayed. When sitting at such a distance in front of a 49-inch ultrawide display with a 3840 x 1080 resolution you can make out the individual pixels – less so with games and more so during regular Windows use. The first breed of 49-inch ultrawide monitors delivered 4K resolution – 3840 x 1080. The Agon AG493UCX excelled throughout. The second is having the funds for such a purchase. - AOC Agon AG493UCX 49" 5K VA LCD Curved Gaming Monitor - Black, The AOC AG493UCX DQHD 120Hz FreeSync HDR monitor features a 49inch display with a 5120 x 1440 max resolution 120Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time (MPRT), FreeSync Premium Pro, VESA certified DisplayHDR 400, flicker-free, low blue light filter, built-in speakers and VESA 100mm support. AOC has announced a new addition to their AGON line of gaming monitors in the form of the AGON AG493UCX. View cart for details. It's 1.5 million pixels away from it. With the display pushed back as far as possible, the middle of the display is only 13 inches from the front edge of my desk. AOC has announced a new addition to their AGON line of gaming monitors in the form of the AGON AG493UCX. honestly I was bothered by the fact it was described as a 4K monitor too lol, 4K? Its width and curve fill your field of vision, all the way out to the periphery. Funny, they show the monitor with a racing game running on it. Includes remote control for OSD. The top and side bezels are razor thin, and the textured bottom bezel is only 0.75 inches wide. Amazon reviews aren't helpful, since a half-dozen AOC Agon … Text and images looked so much crisper with none of the pixelated screen-door effect that was evident with a 1080p resolution on a display this size. And there is some confusing redundancy. The AOC Agon AG493UCX is missing a few features found on the Samsung, but can you do without them for the lower price? Get the latest deals and coupons right in your inbox! The AOC Agon AG493UCX is missing a few features found on the Samsung, but can you do without them for the lower price? It took me a few hours to get used to the curvature of the display. 120Hz, 1ms, FreeSync Premium Pro, and HDR gaming performance. | AOC AG493UCX DQHD 120Hz FreeSync HDR Curved 49in Monitor, item 1 AOC AG493UCX DQHD 120Hz FreeSync HDR Curved 49in Monitor 1 -, item 2 AOC AGON AG493UCX 49in 5K DQHD 1ms Curved Monitor 2 -, item 3 49" Gaming Monitor 120Hz AOC AGON AG493UCX 5K LED LCD Curved FreeSync 1ms VA 3 -, item 4 AOC 49" Gaming Monitor AGON AG493UCX 5K 5120X1440 120Hz VA Curved FreeSync 4 -, item 5 AOC 49" LED AGON AG493UCX 5K 5120X1440 120Hz VA Curved Gaming Monitor FreeSync 5 -, item 6 49" AOC AGON AG493UCX 5K Curved UltraWide FreeSync 120Hz VA Gaming Monitor With 6 -, item 7 AOC AGON AG493UCX 49in 5K DQHD 1ms Curved Monitor 7 -, 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 1 product rating, 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 2 product ratings, 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 9 product ratings, 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 45 product ratings. I had hoped to reduce the flickering by enabling the display’s overdrive setting but it did nothing to change the results of the test one way or the other. Let’s wade into the wrap-around, ultrawide waters and find out. The Agon AG493UCX is about as compact as can be, despite its sprawling size. It is an exercise in frustration to navigate the OSD with these buttons, but thankfully AOC includes a remote control for controlling the OSD. Back-panel, downward-facing ports are difficult to access on any monitor and all the more so on such a huge, heavy display. With a deeper desk, I could push back a bit from the display to a more comfortable distance. The problem I encountered is my desk is only 22 inches deep. On the white saturation test, I was able to see 11 of the 12 light-gray checkerboard patterns against a white background, another great result. Why does TechPowerUp insist on calling 1440p monitors 4K monitors? You’ll most likely need to lay the display carefully on its back in order to get to the ports. With its bright color palette, Fortnite is a good test for color accuracy and vibrancy, and the Agon AG493UCX excelled on both counts, exhibiting vivid color without looking oversaturated. The Agon AG493UCX looks like two 27-inch displays, each with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. The overall effect is the image on the display is significantly dimmer. I used Lagom LCD monitor test pages to measure performance including gamma, black and white levels, color gradient, and response time.

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