Marinette ist am ende. He is also very self-aware and cares about his appearance. Killua’s personality is similar to Gon. Or, in other words, a cowboy. Which consists of long-sleeved and dark colored shirts. What I like about Gray Fullbuster is his laid back personality. They did that for a simple reason. Check this out! He does not smile much except for when he sees Yuki. He’s an ideal cute anime boy. His hair is a little looser and more straight, and his bangs cover half of his face.

His whole demeanor and looks just screams cuteness overload. he often tends to annoy people. He seems like an over-excited person regarding life. He’s a total extrovert… Plus his pretty features makes him even more alluring. His signature item is his hat and he’s never seen without it.

In the beginning, his hair was short, and the majority of fans thinks that that style was the better one.

Not to mention that we can often see him wearing a suit, which is appealing. He makes us fall in love with evil justice and masks it all with his cuteness.

Death Note is an anime that almost every anime fan has watched. Due to his job as a bookman, he tends to avoid making personal attachments. No denial there. But one thing did, one that was the worst nightmare of…, YANDERE FASHION DESIGNER X READER ❝ , . 401. Izaya has short black hair and brown eyes with stunning facial features.

Especially with that black suit, coat, and a cigar! Have I already mentioned that I love basketball players? Kirito ( Sword art online )
Because of that, of course, he would end up on this hot anime guys list.

Moreover, Laito is wholly perverted and sadistic.

Sousuke is also very harsh when it comes to swimming. He is more cautious and careful when dealing with some problems.

Itsuki wears an eye patch to hide his demonic eye known as ‘Glam Sight.’ He uses this eye to see… His uniform consists of long jackets and tight pants. As his fellow anime characters say, Ash is gorgeous. That tattoo symbolizes Magic. His cuteness is often shown especially when he is in the presence of animals, for example with- Tetsuya#2. Furthermore, Hisoka has a tear and a star drawn on his cheeks.

Interestingly he has purple iris for one eye.

He is a subtle and mysterious type of person that anyone would be interested in. With pale skin and shoulder-length, white hair. He has jet black hair that falls over his shoulders. With his looks, charisma, and intelligence, he can easily persuade people to do anything.


Kenji Natsume is a character in the anime „Ahiru no Sora. He has messy brown hair. In our 6th place is the character who is considered to be one of the hot anime guys by many girls. And even though he is one of the most unpopular anime characters, we can’t deny the fact that he looks good. With his spiky blonde hair and his beautiful blue eyes, we can see the similarity between Minato and Naruto. But he doesn’t let it hinder his bright personality and makes friends easily. His facial expressions make every girl blush. He’s like a charming delightful ball of cuteness. He used to be outgoing and friendly, but when he gained his basketball power, he became very lazy and started to slack off.

In addition to all this, he has a very muscular and attractive body. Its a cartoon sadly just like pokemon. And most of us fans agree with it. In other words, when he was 17 years old and even older Boruto period. Shokugeki no Soma – detailed anime review. Along with his headphones around his neck. Furthermore, he is generous, loyal, and has a very protective nature.

Definitely hottest!

Noiz was acting violently towards others. He’s a Bishōnen character.

It is hard not to fall for a blond cutie with the middle part and manners. He always seems so full of himself but can be rather childish and gullible at times. Another hot ghoul from the “Tokyo Ghoul” anime and manga. What adds up to the overall impression of Abel is his clumsy and silly personality. He rarely speaks to others unless he has something significant to say. Check this out! Lloyd ( Code Geass ) His passion, compassion and arrogant traits only make him cuter. Even at the cost of sacrificing his own life. If you ask, the majority of people will agree that Ban is very appealing and the one to be on this hot anime guys list. Oct 10, 2020 - Explore ∩∩'s board "Anime boy hair" on Pinterest.

DanTDM with Cape and blue hair. But he also takes his duties seriously and is very responsible. Top 50+ Best Horror Anime of All Time. He got this place on hot anime guys list because of his sexy looks and hot fighting skills. Furthermore, with all of these characteristics, he is a very loveable and one of the cutest anime boys. On the other hand, he can also transform himself into a Black Lynx. Even though he lacks most of his body parts, we can see him as someone that is very appealing to the eyes. He is endearing and cheerful with an energetic personality.

It’s no wonder that he was a respectful gang leader. He has spiky silver hair and dark grey eyes.

But, he also has a pleasant personality. Takumi Usui is the main male protagonist and probably the hottest anime guy in “Maid-Sama!” anime and manga. Other names – Yuki, Setsu, sekki.

But, he also appears in other series from the Fata franchise. He is always bubbly, cheerful, and fun. Vulcan Joseph is a character from the anime „Fire Force, “ and with his unique looks, I find him very attractive. Because of his personality, all the forest spirits respect him. What I like most about Toga Yagari are the times when he is wearing a cowboy hat. But, unfortunately, he doesn’t smile often.

He is the 28th head of one great noble clan – Kuchiki clan. He is a character from the anime and manga “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.” Sinbad has long purple hair tied in a low ponytail. He was born with the name Abel Knightlord but later changes his name. How Were the Walls in Attack on Titan Made? In addition to all this, he has a very muscular and attractive body.
He’s all mushy, goofy, over the top character. Gray Fullbuster is another hot anime guy that girls go crazy about.

What’s more, he has a perfectly shaped body because of his years of training. He doesn’t have a classic hot-looking appearance. It is Ayato Sakamaki.

He has dyed blonde hair, usually wears head-band, and has two piercings on his left ear. He’s a closed-off boy with the gift of cuteness as his charm. But, on the other hand, because of his demonic side, he often gets into a fight. Although, I do like him more in his older age.

He’s like a cheeky, happy-go-lucky teenager. But he’s quite innocent when it comes to the world’s ways.. he often has cute moments and messes things up.

The update at OtakuFantasy shows some clues about his role in the upcoming arc. He has lightly tanned face, which makes him look younger.

And it’s all because of his great sense of scent. Furthermore, he has a very muscular body. His adorable face covered with bangs easily lands him on a cutest anime boys list. Yato can be mischievous, crude, and unpredictable in his behavior. How badass and cold he is. Allen’s generous, naive, idealistic and kind. According to Saitou, he will instead choose a sword than a girl.

However, once he enrolls in school, he fails to do simple magic tasks.

This makes him the opposite of Kaneki, who is pretty much an introvert.

Check this out!

Sanji is a slim but muscular man.

Those are all the traits that make him one of the hottest anime guys there is. Also, Kagami usually wears a black suit and a tie that looks great on him! Despite being 400 yrs old, he looks quite young and drool-worthy. Ban is a character from the anime and manga “Seven Deadly Sins.” He is Fox’s Sin of Greed.

Along with his cheerful personality and incredible perceptions, he can figure out things about people.

Check this out! But, also though he is a lousy personality villain, we can’t deny that he is one hot anime guy! He has spiky black hair and dark gray eyes.

He wears the standard uniform of vampire soldiers. He has a weird fetish for Nyanperona.

Even though he’s evil in disguise, there’s no reason he can’t be cute. Killua is fairly lean, but becomes more muscular and toned afterward. Even though he’s the son of Satan, he’s extremely compassionate. Kaneki was also shy and reserved towards others. Prepare yourself for the road full of handsome, unique, and breath-taking male characters. Usually, he’s seen wearing a long-sleeved yellow shirt with two red stripes. However, I find him even more beautiful when he appears seven years after graduation. Furthermore, his small round face makes him childlike. Because of that, he is very dangerous for anyone who comes in his way. But, appearance isn’t all that matters. On top, he has ghost-white hair. Ren is the brother of Kazuma. Sasuke’s older brother Itachi. With his intelligence, talent, and hard-working spirit, many find him extremely attractive. His hair is pale purple and is wavy, messy with a fringe just above his eyes. He has short side-shaved brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a goatee. Yuno is of average height and has black curly hair. He cares deeply for his friends and will often put his life on the line for others.

As a teacher in his 20’s, he gives out a very relaxed vibe.

Or Death the kid/Desu za Kiddo *cries*. But, his girlfriend/fiancee Hikari pulled out the best traits out of him. But, he is a very cheerful, outgoing, and an overall kind person. Check this out! With his ocean blue eyes, Saitou Hajime is one unique and hot anime guy character. Nevertheless, he maintained the appearance of a 25-year-old man. His personality and demeanor along with his somewhat girly face show a lot of charm and cuteness. Not very manly. He has a short, small figure.

(DragonBallSuper) or even goku in Ultra Instinct, he looks soo hot. What is the Magi watching order?

Rin used to love swimming, but later his love for it has gotten colder.

We could say that he is a suicidal maniac that tried to commit suicide numerous times.

Shokugeki no Soma – detailed anime review, Top 13 anime similar to Boku no Hero Academia, The Ultimate Guide to the Fate Series Watching Order.

And his hairband also look makes him look like a pretty cutest anime boys. I love the style he wears. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. Minato Namikaze is the father of Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto manga and anime series. But, he seems like he isn’t aware of his attractiveness at all. with his cheeky, cheerful and gluttonous personality, he quickly takes a place in our hearts. However, I still find Itachi a bit hotter and more attractive anime character. As if a swarm of ants would bother the passing tiger.

like almost all of the protagonists are hot and also side characters aswell, oh and i almost forgot chrollo from hxh and kurapika from hxh, um i would probs add mr aizawa from mha and hawks from mha and hanako-kun from toilet bound cause he is just *chefs kiss*. We’re talking about Toru Oikawa. Required fields are marked *.

Nevertheless, when needed, he takes a more serious attitude.

Therefore, he appears to be an intimidating and violent person.

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