It was said that they hid under the famous Olumo rock. Amen.

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One of the famous wars recorded was the. As expected, this was followed by a retaliatory invasion from the Oyo capital, but Lisabi, ingeniously emptied Igbehin, the Egba town he resided, keeping women and children in a nearby ravine, the Ogbun Melegun. Abeokuta is regarded as the homeland of the Egbas. It is definitely one of the most popular Yoruba cities in Nigeria.

Abeokuta is regarded as the homeland of the Egbas. Egba, along with the missionaries and with help from the British, managed to defeat the Dahomey incursion led by King Gezo. 2 weeks ago. . The Palace of Alake is one of the top tourist attractions in Ogun state. Then let us tell you all we know about this place. It didn’t take long for the ori… There’s no doubt many things have been written on Abeokuta but there are a few things you might not know. They took a very intelligent precaution, leaving some of their leaders behind at Ibadan with Maye, Commander of the joint army of hostile tribes who by then considered Egba people as his slaves. Once again, there was no peace for Abeokuta, as 1918 brought riots, when people protested against the levying of taxes, as well as against the ruling of the British governor-general Lord Frederick Lugard, which resulted in alake becoming the supreme traditional leader. This changed with the great animosity that came between the tribes. The mind of Sodeke, who was the Egba leader was naturally drawn to the farm place where Liperu, the Egba chief from Itoku escaped upon the destruction of his village, and where three hunter brothers were taking refuge plus a particular farmer named Adagba. The town does not have a very well-developed local industry, but there is a number of fruit canning plants and sawmills, as well as an aluminium-products factory, a brewery and a plastics factory.

By 1859, Henry Venn, a fellow abolitionist of Wilberforce who believed negroes must be provided not only with spiritual but also commercial benefits have succeeded in inspiring small industrial institutions in Abeokuta. Foreign traders who were Muslims had impressed a great population of the town with their ways and have won many converts. Some which include MKO Abiola, Wole Soyinka, Olusegun Obasanjo, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Ebenezer Obey, Ernest Shonekan, Madam Tinubu, Tunde Bakare, Mudashiru Lawal, Segun Odegbami, Shina Peters among others. Learn more about Abeokuta … Olumo Rock is located in Abeokuta and is definitely among the top of the tourist attractions in Nigeria. This granted independence for the Egba United Government, which lasted from 1893 to 1914. To maintain law and order in the Egba kingdom, it was proposed that the country officially come under British protection. Hannah Odekeye Immediately after this war, the people had started considering settling in a more secured place. Before we begin and dive into history, it is important to note that the Abeokuta history is one which has been told over the years. Thank you, this is really helpful. Originally the refugees, led by Sodeke, settled under the Olumo Rock, which is exactly how Abeokuta got its name. If you have, kindly share your views and experiences of Abeokuta with fellow. The 1860s saw the rise of conflicts with the British in Lagos. In the article, we would be discussing the history of Abeokuta, its population, fun things to do etc.

In 1838, just eight years after the founding of Abeokuta, an Egba man who was one of the emancipated slaves in Sierra Leone had sailed with a few countrymen down the coast, happily to see Lagos where he and his kinsmen had been deported as slaves. The yearly event is considered the biggest book festival in the country and one of the largest in Africa. Respect to my man, Arulogun Olajide for changing the narrative for the teaching profession. Believing the white men in Abeokuta actually connived with the colonial government of Lagos against their army, a large number of Egbas, led by Solanuke, the Balogun of Abeokuta, mobbed Christian worshippers in Abeokuta in the Sunday morning of 13th October 1867 and required them to leave the town. Ok, maybe not necessarily in a position, but you should visit this historical place. There are still few structures around the town that will interest you. Another thing that you should note is, this part of the country is home to some of the notable sons of Nigeria. In fact, it should be top of your list or maybe second. If you are in the city and looking for some different, it’s best you relive the old Abeokuta. It was also recorded that after the settlements, there were occurrences of wars within and outside the area.

It was also recorded that after the settlements, there were occurrences of wars within and outside the area. During this time, a well-built man named Lisabi from one of the Egba towns, Itoku, having observed the violent deeds of Alaafin’s representatives, made plans to set the Egba tribe free from the oppressive grip of the Alaafin who was then, the emperor of most of the Yoruba nation.

Help Make it Better. A visit to the Palace of Alake is another fun thing to do in Abeokuta. is one of the popular literary events in Abeokuta. READ ALSO: History of Oduduwa in Yoruba land. Abeokuta is east of the Ogun River and north to Lagos by rail and water. Abeokuta, Ogun State is the biggest city in the state, as well as its capital. The Ake Arts and Book Festival is one of the popular literary events in Abeokuta. Don\'t give up on it you still habe two more working days. The event, which is often 3-5 days, opens the city to a whole new experience as it welcomes both local and foreign tourist. Temitope Apoola Lamodi fell narrowly under the swords of Maye’s army who grew suspicious of him. Example are homes of the Saros or Creoles who migrated from Cuba and Brazil to Nigeria in the 19th and 20th century. Even though the first settlers were of Egba origin, they were not the only ones who came to Abeokuta. Though it is not surprising as it is home to more people when compared to other places in the state. Abeokuta (‘Refuge Among Rocks’) was founded about 1830 by Sodeke (Shodeke), a hunter and leader of the Egba refugees who fled from the disintegrating Oyo empire.

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It is like most historical stories told and passed down from generations to generations. The name Abeokuta is a direct translation of “Under the rock”. Egba men and women, among other tribes, were sold into slavery but some of them were blessed to have had their ship intercepted by the British anti-slavery squadron. However, it is important to note that this year’s Ake Arts and Book Festival would be held in Lagos.

After it, however, he held all the cards, which was detrimental for other quarter chiefs. Don’t stress yourself as there are enough, If you have read without skipping, you should have an idea of Abeokuta if you have not visited the area. Hannah Odekeye The revolution is here. Chief Sodeke first settled Abeokuta (meaning literally "the underneath of the rock" or indirectly "refuge among rocks") in 1830 as a place of refuge from slavehunters from Dahomey and Ibadan. Abeokuta was founded in 1830 by Sodeke, the leader of Egba refugees. 2 weeks ago, Hannah Odekeye For every lover of art and literature in or around Abeokuta, it is one event you definitely want to make plans for. When in 1875, the Reverend Townsend and his wife finally re-entered Abeokuta, they were warmly received by the major elements of the town who reiterated the expulsion of the missionaries had brought no progress but blight on the tribe. The name “Abeokuta” comes from a local phrase for “refuge among rocks”. The remaining 72 townships (wards) swore allegiance to the Agura of Gbagura. Find out how and when it was founded, what happened in the city over the years and how it is doing now. He was the one who led the Egbas, who fled from the crumbling Oyo Empire to this area.

Abeokuta is home to some of the relics of the colonial era. They tell these stories to visitors and climbers as they progress on each level on the rock. Although a couple of tribes in the Yoruba nation, Owu, for example, sprouted from the founder, Oduduwa himself, their leaders and indeed the entire land fell under the rulership of the last son of Oduduwa, named Oranyan who achieved great advantage through certain means which have been theorized as Oduduwa’s making, or Oranyan’s survival of his older siblings, or just his war-like demeanor. Have you learned anything new today? Yoruba towns of Ife and Oyo collaborated with Ijebu in raiding Owu, suffering defeat at first but succeeding in decimating Owu’s military power after incessant attack, selling their people into slavery. It is host to a good number of tourist attractions and fun spots. . It is also an exporting point for palm produce, kola nuts, fruits and cocoa. 3 weeks ago. in the southwest region of Nigeria. You would definitely love to tour and explore the city.

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