Episode #50: Moving Updates Episode #50: Moving Updates. And I am excited to find out where we’re going to end up living, but I honestly have no idea. And it was “I feel like I know you guys better after listening to three podcasts than I did from reading your blog for three years”. So if we were to keep improving it, we would be over improving it, which, you know, at that point you you’re not making an investment anymore. I took this course when we were considering launching a podcast, I was kind of on the fence 50/50, and it is what put me over the edge. I think it’s from 1995 or 1996. I love to read, I love to read fiction.

Anyway, sorry. Emma: Yes.

<3, This is just perfect!

Emma: [00:22:25] You can go first? I love that it’s different every day, I love that is a mix of business and also crafts and cooking and just stuff that I enjoy.

I really don’t like it. So I’m gonna call that my guilty pleasure for this week. It’s on the list and I have some parenting goals since I am now a mom of two kids. I’ll give Emma credit that she’s wanted to do a podcast for more than five years and she brings it up all the time. Emma: No. Emma: Yeah, I see that in you too. Elsie: I think it was pretty sad.

So typical middle child stuff is kind of like, you feel a little bit overlooked, and you feel a little bit in competition with your siblings, both when you’re little and when you’re literally trying to get attention by talking or doing whatever, and then as you grow up, I felt anyway, that if my siblings had talents, I usually didn’t want to do those things too much because I felt like I was in competition with them. But when you like, add together everything. Or was it like, oh, I have to undress and be in this room and someone’s touching me and I like it but it makes me feel kind of nervous or whatever. Yeah I know you can’t keep chimpanzees their whole life and I know you can have them for a pet, but if there was just any way I could take care of one for awhile — I’ve never even held one before — it’s my favorite animal.
Will try an alternative. Thank you Victoria!!! So I still. I had to google your podcast… Other than that great podcast! When Emma described the scene where they’re fanning the grapes, I instantly remembered and couldn’t stop laughing. Elsie: “I find routines at home and work comforting. Like you felt like they noticed that you were bigger before? There’s one that’s like even close. But they were a little sad that part…. Like real life isn’t like that. That was kind of what it looked like.

Emma: Yeah. — I have one goal on the index card and I usually have three to five at a time that I carry in my notebook constantly. But there is this gap. I also knew I didn’t have any money to do major renovations. I relate with our oldest daughter a lot. Elsie: We’ll you get the award for most embarrassing guilty pleasure because that’s pretty good.

And I think with this house that we’re currently living in. We don’t own it. Like now when I see them, I kind of remember that a lot of the time that that was why I was doing it. Currently I just follower her on IG like any good internet fan. I don’t think I’ve bought anything yet. And I actually think, like, our stats are better.

Our second…. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. But I love the books by Lisa Kleypas. I don’t know what’s best for our kids. And I fell like madly in love with this house in one of our favorite neighborhoods where we go all the time. Like I want to do what’s best for kids. This week's episode is about all things renter-friendly. I look forward to it.

I like to drink. But I mean, obviously, like I’m embarrassed about a ton of things, but I feel like, OK, it was 12 years ago. But anyway, so Aquarius. I know. Yeah. I have loved just learning a little more about you, your interests (which are so similar to mine so… lol), successes, etc. And so you’ve had some back stuff. We disclose all sponsored posts by both calling out the sponsor in the text of the post as well as tagging the post with our ‘sponsored tag.’, “what my home looks like on a normal day.”, Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog, https://tps-steph.blogspot.com/2019/10/0047-just-do-it.html. Plus, we chat about our favorite small businesses to shop from — visit abeautifulmess.com/podcast for shownotes where we link all the things we talk about in the episode! And we like more than one thing. My favorite thing ever was, I don’t think you put this in a highlight, so if people missed it, they missed it. Like you can just. They’re legit.

I’ve been a ABM blog reader for a number of years and am excited to follow you on this next venture too. And now I consider like dancing and moving and just standing up more and going for a walk.

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