A true locking center differential is added, as well as optional front and rear locking differentials. so my additional cost with a 2 speed transfer case was about 7500 dollar …. or Best Offer. . Despite the “4×4” badge on the rear of the Sprinter, the system is based on the Mercedes-Benz 4Matic All Wheel Drive (AWD). Would you think the 4-cyl would work just as well for a built out 170 WB? Best they could do on the 4×4 was $500 under MSRP. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 4x4 H1L2 *Euro5* 2 Airbag Navi. Where in the MB Sprinter manual say not to idle them? I’ve also had several bad 4×4 experiences with other vehicles (meaning, getting stuck. it took 12 month to get the axel ratios corrected. Thanks Hiki for the comment. One reason why we went with transit quadvan over sprinter. ** Euro 6 ** Mercedes sprinter 314 2.1 CDI 140 BHP MWB high roof finished in silver... Mercedes sprinter 313 2.1 CDI 129 BHP MWB high roof fridge/freezer van finished in white with spec to include 1 owner, overnight standby, euroscan tx2/rx2,... ** Euro 6 ** Mercedes sprinter 314 2.1 CDI 140 BHP LWB Luton finished in grey with spec to include 1 owner, tail lift, hill-hold assist, multifunction steering... ** Euro 6 ** Mercedes sprinter 314 2.1 CDI 140 BHP MWB high roof fridge/freezer van finished in white with spec to include 1 owner, cruise control, Bluetooth,... Mercedes van for sale. Owner’s manual warns about idling and short trips. It takes the 33/67 torque split AWD system from its line of cars and couples it with a button so the AWD can be turned off. Now I have to say that the Sprinter is our “go to” for mornings charging to the ski area to get first chair. 4zfed….I hope not…heading that direction. This lift allows you to clear 33in tires stock. Certified Pre-Owned: No. Additionally, many users complain about NVH added by the 4×4 drivetrain, even when 4×4 is not engaged. You can cancel your email alerts at any time. Easily.) There is a company in Germany named Iglhaut that makes the Sprinter 4×4 system we all want. We negotiated an additional $3,700 off MSRP. CRUISE CONTROL, GOOD TIRES. As people who have only owned 4×4’s the past 20-years, that information surprised us. $13,000 is a lot of cash to have a Transit van converted to 4 wheel drive, particularly when the 4×4 option on a Sprinter costs $7,975. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Vans For Sale: 236 Cargo Vans - Find Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Vans on Commercial Truck Trader. The van was stuck, and due to the open differentials front, intermediate, and rear, all the torque continued to be sent to the spinning wheel. The Quigley and Quadvan 4×4 systems are sort of a custom-affair, but many of the crucial parts are OEM Ford parts. I dont see a difference in fuel mileage, noise level or anything in those sprinters. It was very stable, and the only time when I noticed the difference to 4WD was going up hills when I felt the back slowly pushing to the side, and on curves when I took it with 35 mph and had to slow down. Is it for use in the snow? The only way to overcome this is to apply the handbrake to transfer power to the front wheels. There are other manufacturers like Koenig. Was build out by couple well known manufacturer (Kapitan, RB, 71... 2017 mercedes benz sprinter 144in 4x4 high roof 17,850 mi. For comparison, my 10-year old rinky-dink Mazda SUV (FWD) has 7.1″ of clearance, and I hit rocks all the time taking that car down 4×4 roads it was definitely not designed for with regular all-season tires (I’ve only been stuck once, took 2 minutes to get out, back up, run-and-gun). But in looking through the comments I see it was mentioned before. For example, on a new. RVTrader.com is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. Or when one of the chain elements broke because I had not adjusted it right, and the chain was rattling which possibly damaged it. When a person orders an SUV there is little reason not to get 4×4. Local Pickup. We decided to invest in a set of dedicated snow tires (Bridgestone Blizzaks). Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 4X4 Doka Pritsche Klima+STHZG+AHK+Nav. This, combined with the sheer size and weight, will always limit their capabilities. And any experienced 4×4 driver in rough (sketchy) conditions knows you ALWAYS engage 4×4 BEFORE you think you might need it, before you try to go up the hill or thru the mud hole, NOT AFTER you are stuck, so I see little advantage of “on-the-fly” ability to shift into 4×4 mode while moving through rough terrain. It has permanent 4×4, so no need to stop and fiddle with buttons. Although each new release sees small upgrades and improvements, from 2013 onwards, Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 vans have come with adaptive high-beams, lane departure warning systems, and crosswind stabilisation as standard.

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