Conspiracy theorists have long claimed that 2pac, who would now be 47 faked his own death.

CALLED USCIS .they said they cant transfer to level 2 operator to check receipt number...Is there any other way to find out?...will the bank be able to read and tell? But this news ( concerns me, Any one knows , How is my GREEN Light turned to RED ?? Both men were avid racers. "Now we know exactly why it was because Tupac Shakur was never killed it is unclear why he has been hiding.”.

"Sopranos" star James Gandolfini died of a heart attack while staying at Rome's Boscolo Exedra Hotel on June 19, 2013. American website Reporterz published a doctored image of 2Pac allegedly partying with pop star Rihanna claiming it as proof that the rapper has been in hiding for these last 22 years. Will this be ok during I-485 adjudication? At the time, Belushi, an original cast member of "Saturday Night Live," was staying in Bungalow 3 at the Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. Andrea Yanez wrote: “I want to say it is him.. the outlaw tat on his arm is there and if you look at his stature it looks like it could very well be him.”, Cheyenne Takitimu said: "Sort of like Bin Laden, no one can really check on any facts that show he died, just gotta take someone's word for it.".

He was 46. On November 30, 2013, "Fast and Furious" star Paul Walker and his friend, financial planner Roger Rodas, got into a fiery crash on their way home from an event for Walker's charity, Reach Out Worldwide.

After a day of sightseeing in extreme heat with his family, Gandolfini was discovered unconscious on the bathroom floor of his hotel room by his 13-year-old son.

American news website, Reporterz, published an image allegedly showing 2Pac, who was gunned down in 1996, partying with Rihanna. However others are less than convinced... YouTuber DAHBOO777 clearly believes Tupac survived the shooting as he has posted a video showing all the alleged posthumous sightings of the Harlem-born musician and film star. The Mirror Online picture desk also pointed out where this one has been cleverly spliced together. tupac shakur funeral. Her body was discovered about a mile from the boat, off the coast of California's Santa Catalina Island. Was it an iron deficiency? Hollywood's Chateau Marmont Hotel was also the site where acclaimed fashion photographer Helmut Newton died in January 2003. Rivers was transferred from the medical offices seen here to Mount Sinai Hospital after falling into a coma, from which she never recovered. 0 تعليقات.

He is convinced that a man wearing a yellow raincoat during the 2011 Occupy Movement is Tupac. When Murphy's widower, British screenwriter Simon Monjack, was discovered dead in the same Hollywood home just six months later, the prospect of a toxic mold in the house being the cause of the couple's deaths was even raised. member Lil' Cease in the front car, Sean "Puffy" Combs riding with three bodyguards in the second car. When "Clueless" actress Brittany Murphy collapsed in the bathroom at her Los Angeles home, first responders and medical personnel were clueless as to what caused the cardiac arrest that led to her death at age 32.

Nor is there any record of a tribute or memorial. In 2016 when the pictures first surfaced, some social media users were more keen to believe the idea that their hero was living the high life in Cuba. Legendary singer Whitney Houston was found dead in room 434 at the Beverly Hilton hotel, on the eve of the Grammy Awards in 2012. May be I am reading it incorrectly.

was shot four times; the last of those four bullets striking his liver, colon, heart and left lung. Her death was classified a probable suicide, but conspiracy theorists insist that she was murdered to cover up a series of affairs with the Kennedys.

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